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They Nearly Lost Her Once Now They Fear Losing Their Daughter Again To Heart Failure

“She dropped out of school, stopped playing and running around even in the house, stopped eating her favourite food... she just stopped living! All because of this evil disease. I want my daughter’s life back, her laughter back but I am helpless,” - Archana, mother

In 2015 when Sangita was just a 15-year-old teenager, she fell severely sick. She had high fever and was gasping for breath. She was diagnosed with a severe heart disease that almost killed her.

Her life was hanging by a thread, her mother feared the worst

“The local doctor asked us to shift her to a bigger hospital immediately, her life was hanging by a thread. The entire way I held her hand and kept talking to her, fearing that I might lose her if she falls asleep. That has been the most frightening night of my life,” -Archana

Sangita needed a major heart surgery but it took the family 2 years to afford it. Till then, Sangita was surviving on injections and medicines.

Her heart is failing and there is just one way to save her- a heart transplant

“After the surgery, I thought everything would be fine but this disease changed her entire life. Before all of this, she was such a lively child but now we hardly see her smile. But that is not it, her heart is failing and there is just one way to save her- a heart transplant. It took us years to afford that one surgery but this transplant, we can’t afford it even in a lifetime.” - Gada, father.

These poor parents will lose their daughter without help

Archana and Gada live in a very remote village in Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal. They work as daily wagers and do odd jobs to survive but their income is barely enough to even afford a two-time meal for the family. The transplant will cost them 30 lakh rupees which they can’t afford no matter what they do.

“We live in a house made of asbestos sheets which leaks if it rains heavily. Despite working 7 days a week we hardly have anything left to even stock food for the next day. We live hand to mouth and in such circumstances where will we bring so much money from? Our poverty is costing us our daughter!” -Gada.

Sangita does not have much time before her heart completely fails. She needs the transplant at the earliest to survive. All this poor girl does is stay in her bed wait for her next round of medicines. Your generous contribution can change her life, give her a second chance to live like a normal person. Click here to contribute.
Patient Sangita Kundu is 20 years old, living in uttar dinajpur, WestBengal
Being treated in Narayanaa Hospital, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving Heart Transplant treatment for Dilated Cardiomyopathy

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