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A Rare Disease In Her Spine Can Paralyze This Teenager For Life Without Urgent Treatment

I was in the kitchen when I heard my 17-year-old daughter yelling from her room. Not knowing what to think but terrified all the same, I ran to her. She was on the floor, her bedsheet half-underneath her. At first I didn’t understand what had happened, why she was screaming.  
She looked up with a tear-streaked face. 
"I can’t feel my legs! Mumma, I can’t feel my legs... I can’t... I can’t move!" 

Growing up, young Sakshi was an active and free-spirited girl, and unbelievably kind too; she used to have big dreams and ambitions for herself as a child, but she sacrificed them all after her 10th standard because she didn’t want her parents to waste any more money on her. Instead, she had them educate her two younger siblings because she wanted the best future for them. The ease with which she made sacrifices for others, and her constant optimism are why her whole family adores her as much as they do. When she woke up paralyzed 10 days ago, they were all devastated.

Sakshi was terrified she'd lose feeling in her hands too

When the ambulance got here, they had to come inside and physically carry her out. She was crying the whole time, asking me what was happening to her, why it was happening. I had no answer! I was terrified too. Once we reached, they did some tests and said there was some blockage in her spine, and that she needed a bigger hospital, more than a 100km away. It took us an hour for us to get there, and the whole time she had her hand wrapped tightly around mine, as if she was afraid she’d lose feeling in her arms next... — Aswhini

If she misses her treatment now, this 17yr-old can be paralyzed forever

Sakshi was diagnosed with Acute Transverse Myelitis, an inflammation inside her spinal cord that causes severe pain, muscle weakness, paralysis, and sensory problems. The only time Sakshi has any feeling in her legs now is when blinding pain shoots up and down them. What’s most shocking about Sakshi’s condition is that it was caused by a recent Chickenpox infection. Myelitis as a consequence of Chickenpox is an extremely rare occurrence, affecting only 0.3% of all cases of Chickenpox worldwide. She needs urgent treatment, while she has the best chance to recover. If she misses this window now, this 17-year-old can be paralyzed forever.  

Her parents don't have money to even eat properly

"My husband, Santosh, works on others’ farms. He can't be here right now because he has to keep working to feed our 2 other children, and also because there are no transport options available right now. They’re saying Sakshi needs to stay in the hospital for weeks more but we can’t afford that. I’ve barely even eaten in the past 10 days because we don’t have any money. I’ve been living on one or two bites a day, from the meal that the hospital gives Sakshi, and that too because she forces me. Please, we have no way to deal with this on our own, you have to help us. You have to help Sakshi walk again."  — Ashwini
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Patient Sakshi is 17 years old, living in Kolhapur
Being treated in Aster Aadhar Hospital, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for Paralysis

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