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He Lost His Arm To Cancer And Can Now Lose His Life Without Treatment

One fine morning, a few months ago Sahil woke up screaming in pain. He said he wasn’t able to move his left hand. Scared, we immediately took him to the doctor. He had been complaining of a pain in his arm for a few days. We had thought he hurt himself while playing and that painkillers would make him feel better. But when test results came out we were so shocked,” - Sagar, Sahil’s father.

14-year-old Sahil was diagnosed with a growing tumour in his left forearm. He had to undergo an urgent surgery but he is still not out of danger.

Sahil has a huge scar on his arm - a proof of his pain

“He wasn’t able to sleep for nights together because of the intolerable pain. I figured that I would have to somehow arrange for the surgery, only that could take away his pain. So I borrowed money from my relatives and finally Sahil underwent that surgery. We thought this would end all our worries but we were so wrong,” - Sagar. 

Sahil has a huge scar on his forearm - the tumour growing on his bone has been taken out. But he still needs to be under chemotherapy and radiation. Or else there is a chance that his cancer will be back.
Although the tumour has been removed, cancer has taken away the use of his left hand. Sahil now is slowly getting used to a life where he can only use one hand. An avid cricket player, Sahil is finding all this very difficult. But the teenager is trying his best to stay positive.  

This auto driver needs your help to save his son

Sagar drives an auto in Pune and he makes about Rs 300 a day, after paying the rent for the vehicle. But for the last few months, the pandemic has only made it difficult for him to get regular work. His savings are all over trying to afford Sahil’s treatment.

“I have spent over 2 lakhs for the surgery but now I would need 8 more lakhs to continue his chemotherapy. He is only 14, he has his entire life ahead of him - please help me save him,” - Sagar.

Sahil can beat cancer and get back to his normal life with continued treatment but his father can't afford it. Your generous contribution can save his life.
Patient Sahil Bibave is 13 years old, living in Pune, Maharashtra
Being treated in Sahyadri Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Blood Cancer

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