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Her Two Children Will Be Left Without A Mother If She Doesn't Get An Urgent Transplant

“I have always listened to everything Rupali has told me - about running the family, about looking after the children. But this time, when she told me that she doesn’t want to get treated because of the cost of the treatment, I wasn’t ready to listen to her. I won’t let her give up on life so easily - I am determined to save her,” - Santosh, Rupali’s husband.

Rupali’s liver is almost fully damaged, she needs an urgent liver transplant - Santosh is trying very hard to afford her treatment.  

She wasn’t eating properly and was losing a lot of weight

Santosh and Rupali (28) were living a contented life in a small village near Pune, Maharashtra. Their two children were going to school and despite hardships and struggle, the family was happy. But all of a sudden, Rupali started falling ill.
“She was not eating properly and was losing so much weight. Her eyes were also turning yellow. I was scared, I took her to the local doctor but he couldn’t help us. Finally, the doctor in the city told us that her liver is getting damaged very fast. He gave us medicines but also told us that if these don’t work then she would need a liver transplant,” - Santosh. 

Rupali’s condition became serious in the last one month

Since Rupali’s diagnosis, Santosh has been working doubly hard to find any job that pays him something. He has been saving every bit for Rupali’s medicine and his children’s education. Despite coming back very tired from work, Santosh always took great care of Rupali.
“But, since last month, her condition has gotten worse. Her stomach started swelling and she would vomit out anything she ate. Visits to the hospital became almost regular and that’s when the doctor told us that medicines would no longer be able to cure her. She needs an urgent liver transplant now,” - Santosh. 

Rupali regrets that she can’t look after her children

Rupali constantly worries about her children. Even when she is in her worst condition, this mother thinks about her son and daughter, always regretting that she is not doing enough for them.
“Last month her condition became so critical that she had to stay in the ICU. She was in a coma for almost 3 long days. I was very scared - was this the end, I thought. But then she got better and the first thing she asked was about her children. I have never seen a more dedicated mother and wife. She doesn’t deserve all this pain,” - Santosh, wiping his tears. 

Without your help, I will lose the mother of my two small children

Before the lockdown started in full throttle, Santosh used to work in others’ farms and earn just about enough to feed his family. After Rupali’s diagnosis of liver cirrhosis, he has been taking loans from friends and relatives to keep his family running.
“But now she needs the transplant immediately and it will cost me 18 lakhs. For a poor man like me, this amount is impossible to afford.I am trying my best but there is only so much I can do. I see Rupali suffering each day and I feel so helpless. I need your help or else my children will lose their mother - I will lose my support system,” - Santosh.

A desperate father and husband, Santosh is trying very hard to save Rupali. He wants to get back his happy family but that can't happen without the transplant. You can help him afford that - click here to donate.
Patient Rupali Gorgal is 28 years old, living in Pune, Maharashtra
Being treated in Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital, Pune, Maharashtra

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Liver failure

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