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What They Thought To Be Mosquito Bites Turned Out To Be A Deadly Disease Killing Their Son

“They say the best feeling is when you hold your baby in your arms. You know what the worst feeling is like - it’s when you don't know when would be the last time you'll hold your 6-year-old close to you,” - Debnath sounds angry and upset. 

He has sold his only piece of land and now the only thing left for him to sell is his house. He can’t afford to do that and he doesn’t know how he can save his little son’s life. He doesn’t have a rupee in his pocket with which he can continue Rohit’s treatment.  

Debnath works as a daily wage labourer on a 'no work, no pay' basis and is able to earn a meager sum of about Rs.130 daily. After they got to know about Rohit's cancer, he started working as a farmer on his own land. With no money left for Rohit's treatment, he had to sell off his land and has no work since then.

Those lumps were not mosquito bites...

"One day I saw some lumps near Rohit's ears and neck but thought them to be mosquito bites. But within a week, it started spreading all over his body and so we took him to our local hospital. But the rashes started spreading and this time the test results shocked us to death. Rohit has cancer!" -Debnath, father. 

Rohit's parents have already spent over 2 lakhs on his treatment. Debnath has been unable to go to work since 4 months as the hospital is a commute of 7 hours daily from his village. Now, they need 8 lakhs more otherwise they will not be able to save their son, Rohit, from the deadly blood cancer.

Every time during an injection they have to pin him down on the bed as he keeps screaming in pain. Rohit's parents  don’t know how long their son has to live. They keep looking at his face and are reminded of those times when he used to be a happy and cheerful kid. 

"How do I tell you how I am living with a daily fear of losing my son. From being a healthy active boy, he is now always on his bed. Even after cooking his favourite food items, he doesn't even want to take a bite now. He just vomits whatever he eats. Sometimes when I see traces of blood in his stool, I get so scared thinking how much more time will my son be able to live if we can't afford his treatment?"- Soma, mother. 

Rohit needs continued treatment of chemotherapy to beat leukemia. He just wants to become healthy again and go to school with his elder sister. Please help his parents save Rohit as without your help they will never be able to arrange an amount of 8 lakhs.

Patient Rohit Tripathi is 6 years old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated by Dr. V. R Raman in Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Acute myelomonocytic leukemia

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