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Crying and Breathless, 8-month-old Rishitha Needs Urgent Open-Heart Surgery

At birth, Rishitha was just like any other baby - active and always ready with a smile. But when she turned 5 months old, she had uncontrollable breathlessness and would keep crying in pain. Her stomach swelled up like a balloon but her limbs stayed thin. To add to her troubles, she had a consistent cough and cold. Too thin and fragile for her age, she was unable to bear the weight of her own head. All these recurring issues worried her parents who rushed her to the local hospital.

Tests revealed that she had one major and three minor holes in the heart. She was referred to a larger hospital in Chennai, to pursue further treatment.

Only immediate open-heart surgery can save Rishitha’s life

“We didn’t have the slightest idea that our only child would be born with a heart disease. Throughout my pregnancy checkups, there were no signs of the disease. So, we were shocked when Rishitha was diagnosed with holes in her heart. The doctors told us that the only hope for our baby is to get an open heart surgery that too as soon as possible. That is the only way she can lead a normal life and we want to do everything for her, but we are failing.”- Chandrika, mother

The life-saving surgery that can save little Rishitha will cost the family over 7 lakh rupees. Dinesh has tried to gather some money from his family and friends, but it’s still not enough. To tend to Rishitha, his wife also had to quit her job. This young couple needs all the help they can get to raise money for their only child.

Our daughter is a warrior but I can't save her alone

“I work night shifts at a BPO. I visit my child and then rush to work. My daughter is a warrior and she is fighting to survive each day. I want to be with her so badly, but to keep up with the expenses I just have to keep working. My wife is tensed all the time and hardly sleeps at night. It is getting harder to continue her treatment and I don’t know what to do. Our little child has spent almost half her life in the hospital and I just want all her suffering to end. I want to take her home " -Dinesh

Your help can save this little girl's life. Please come forward to make any contribution that can help bring Rishitha back to her parents.
Patient Rishitha is 7 months old, living in Thoothukudi Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Heart surgery treatment for Heart Holes (heart diseases)

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