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Her Tumour Burst And She Lost Her Leg, Now This Teenager Can Lose Her Life

Rimpi,17 years old, had just started college a few months back. She hasn't been able to make any new friends in college because she could hardly attend any classes. But now, when she goes to college all she gets are whispers and glances - of pity.

"Sometimes I wish I was invisible. Last week I dropped a book in the library and couldn't pick it up by myself. Every day I'm reminded that I can't do so many simple things like before. I used to think that I lost a leg but atleast my life was saved. But now my fight has become even tougher - if I don't get chemotherapy, I won't survive. My parents too are suffering so much because of me"  - Rimpi (17)

A deadly tumour was growing inside her for 5 years

Rimpi was only 14 when her right knee troubled her so much that she started limping. When she was in Class 8, the X-ray reports showed a little crack in her knee. For a month she was bed-ridden due to the plaster. Since then, she has been having a persistent pain that kept getting worse day by day. At 15 years of age, she underwent an arthroscopy surgery - to take out some mass from her knee. Just when everyone thought she will recover, her knee started swelling again after 3 months.

If we knew it was a tumour, maybe she would still be standing on both her legs

Rimpi's tumour started becoming more and more visible when it started protruding outwards. But it was too late by the time the biopsy reports confirmed their fears. All this while she was suffering from synovial sarcoma right knee. Her tumour burst and they were left with only one option to save her life - to amputate her leg immediately.

"We keep crying all day because we've seen her deal with so much pain. Still, she is so determined she has never missed any exam till date. I still remember her lying unconscious on the stretcher while they were taking her for the surgery. I was scared what if she won't wake up but she opened her eyes slightly for a second and I knew my Rimpi will not give up so easily."- Kakali, mother

He worked two jobs to afford Rimpi's treatment but it's still not enough to save her

There was no job Uttam didn't do to arrange money for Rimpi's treatment. Earlier he worked as a farmer during the day and as a security guard at night. With a sum of Rs.10,000 monthly he could somehow afford the first-two surgeries, but now with chemotherapy costing 5 lakhs more, he has no means left.

Rimpi's treatment has been going on for 5 years for which her parents have already spent about 4 lakhs. When even that fell short, they sold off their land and took loans from their relatives. Now, they don't have any door left to knock on for help. 

Rimpi is a bright student pursuing Philosophy Honours. She dreams of becoming a Professor someday but cancer is making it difficult for her to pursue her dreams. She still needs chemotherapy to be able to recover completely, which will cost about 5 lakhs. Only you can help to save Rimpi's life now.
Patient Rimpi Ghosh is 17 years old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated by Dr. Chandrakanth in Narayana Super Speciality Hospital, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Synovial sarcoma right knee

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