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They Only Have 24 Hours To Save Pushkar, His Liver Is Failing

When Chandresh and Puja had their first child, Chandresh used to come home early from work to spend time with his new baby. The couple was overjoyed by the new family member and discussed all the things they would like to do for him, but they never thought that one of the things would be taking him to the hospital very often. 
Today, they are in a situation where they have only 24 hours to save their son’s life.

Diagnosed with severe liver disease

5-year-old Pushkar is suffering from a rare disease, Biliary Atresia. Bile gets trapped inside the liver, damaging and scarring liver cells and eventually leading to liver failure.

“He was just 1 month when I noticed that his eyes turned deep yellow; I suspected it to be jaundice and immediately took him to the hospital. But what I heard next shook me to the core. My child had a liver disease and he needed immediate surgery.” -Chandresh

Medicines can't keep him alive anymore, he needs a transplant

By the time Pushkar underwent surgery, his liver was damaged beyond repair. He needed a liver transplant to survive, but it was only possible after turned 5, so they waited. Although medicines kept him alive all this while, they couldn’t stop the recurring infections and complications.

“We had to be very cautious about his health. He suffered from recurring fever, infections and sometimes even vomited blood. Because of this fear, we couldn’t give him a normal childhood. We kept him at home most of the time and rarely took him out. We lived in constant fear of losing him. But now, precautions can’t save him, neither can the medicines, he needs an urgent transplant.” - Puja

Photos from the rare days when Pushkar felt better

His condition is critical, only you can help

Pushkar’s condition is critical. His liver disease is end-stage and without a transplant, he won’t make it. But the poor father is unable to afford the cost of treatment. He works as an accountant in a small company and there is no way he can arrange the money for the transplant. They need your help!

Only you can save this little child from a failing liver and give him a second chance at life. Click here to contribute.
Patient Master Pushkar Kumar Ojha is 5 years old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Max Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Biliary Atersia

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