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Suffering Since 2 Years From Failing Liver, This Is His Last Chance At Getting A Life Saving Transplant

Two years ago, when Prathmesh used to go to school, he would often come back complaining of severe stomach ache. Soon, he even started vomiting frequently and uncontrollably. His condition got worse with each passing day and then, he would fall unconscious and get nosebleeds. But no one thought that these would turn out to be symptoms of Cancer!

His liver is failing, he needs an urgent transplant

“My son was born healthy and his growth was normal too - he never fell majorly ill. I just don’t understand how he can have cancer... He used to laugh, play and run around with his little sister in the house but now, he can hardly walk. Cancer has turned his whole world upside down, leaving him weak and in immense pain. It is killing my child slowly and the worst part is I am unable to do anything to save him.” - Manisha, mother

13-year-old Prathmesh suffers from Hepatoblastoma, a very rare cancer. It’s a tumor that starts in the liver and if not treated immediately can even lead to death. The young boy needs to undergo urgent liver transplant to survive.

Time is running out but his parents can't afford the cure

“The first year, we went to several hospitals but despite the treatment, his condition only got worse and they declared that no medicine will work. Now, only liver transplant can save him. We knew what we had to do, but poverty stopped us from saving our son. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t get enough money to get his transplant done, and every day, I lived with the guilt, watching my son suffer right in front of my eyes. Now, time is running out and we are still helpless.” - Gajanan, father

You are their only hope

Over the last 2 years, Prathmesh’s treatment has costed these parents about 6 lakh rupees, which Gajanan managed to pay by borrowing from relatives, working overtime, and through all the little savings he had gathered for his children’s education. Now, they are neck-deep in debts and have nothing left to continue.

“I am just a daily wage labourer, who earns just enough to put food on the table. If I made anything extra, I would save it for my children’s future. But, all of that is gone now and I have nothing. How will a labourer like me be able to afford lakhs of rupees for the transplant. I live with the constant fear of losing him...I don’t want to lose my son.” - Gajanan

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