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This Boy Feels Guilty That His Family Has To Skip Meals To Save His Life

Prathamesh’s younger brother has now stopped asking why his elder brother doesn’t accompany him to school. He is tired of the reasons that his parents, Shankar and Madhavi, keep giving him. He knows something is wrong with Prathamesh, he also knows that his brother won’t be able to come to school with him anytime soon.

What he doesn’t know is that Prathamesh is fighting deadly cancer. His cancer is back and is worse this time. He needs continued treatment to be cured. But the cost of the treatment is way beyond the family’s means. 

He had started going to school unaware of the fact that the disease will come back to haunt him, again

Back in 2017, when Shankar noticed the swelling in Prathamesh’s neck - he didn’t waste any time in taking him to the doctors. The biopsy result, however, left him in shock. Prathamesh was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma - a type of cancer that affects the immune system.

“I was devastated but I didn’t lose hope. I knew I had to cure him. I begged and borrowed and somehow managed to afford the chemotherapy that he needed,” - Shankar, father.

Prathamesh was declared cancer-free. His parents rejoiced, the 12-year-old thought his life was going back to normal. The family had no idea that in just a year their worst nightmare would come true - Prathamesh’s cancer would be back. 

I am sorry, Baba - you have to spend so much on me

Prathamesh is only 12 but he understands the struggle that his parents are going through. He feels guilty every time he sees them skipping meals and lying to him about them not being hungry. He feels guilty every time he sees his younger brother wear a tattered uniform to school.
“He keeps telling me not to spend so much on fruits for him. I just smile at him with tears in my eyes. When did he grow up so much? What has the disease done to him,” - Shankar.  

Buried under debts, Shankar doesn’t know how he can afford his son’s treatment

Shankar works as a delivery boy in a small shop in Pune. His wife, Madhavi works as a domestic help. Together they make something around Rs 13,000. Prathamesh’s medical expenses in a month amount to Rs 25,000. So, Shankar had to borrow heavily on high interest. He is now buried under that debt.
“His bone marrow transplant is now over but he needs radiotherapy.Otherwise there are chances that his cancer will be back. I want him to lead a normal life, please help me,” - Shankar.

A generous contribution from your side can save this 12-year-old's life
Patient Prathamesh Aanandkar is 11 years old, living in Pune, Maharashtra
Being treated by Dr Bafna in Bharati Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma

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