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Her Disease Has Reduced Her To Bones, She Has Only 2 Weeks To Live Without A Transplant

“I still remember that night when she was unable to recognise any of us. She was violent and screaming. Her blood pressure was shooting through the roof, her nose was bleeding. Her condition was getting worse with every passing day. We thought this was the end! But she got better, after staying in the ICU for 10 days,” - Munivenkata Swamy, father of 22-year-old Pooja.

The doctors, however, told Pooja’s family that she doesn’t have much time. Both her kidneys have given up. This young girl’s life will be cut short if she doesn’t get an urgent kidney transplant. They said she has less than two weeks.  

Pooja’s life changed 4 years ago - who knew it could become worse

4 years ago, Pooja had just completed class 10 when one of her kidneys started failing. Her blood pressure was out of control. The doctors immediately advised dialysis thrice a week. That’s how she has been surviving for the last 3 years. But that’s not possible any longer.
“Few months ago, we learned that both her kidneys have failed. The condition is now affecting her other organs. Her lungs, her pancreas, her brain - everything is failing one by one…She looks like a sack of bones, she weighs only 35 kgs!

Pooja's mother, Savita, is the matched donor. She used to work in a garment factory and earned about Rs 8000. But she hasn't been able to go to work as she needs to take care of Pooja

The clock is ticking - Pooja has very less time in hand 

Pooja has been completely cut off from the outside world. Her friends visit her often and tell stories about their college life. Pooja listens to them, heartbroken. She knows that her only hope is a transplant, she knows her mother is a matched donor. What she worries about is if her father will be able to afford the transplant…

“She is in and out of the hospital. They need to take out the fluid that gets collected in her body. It is a painful process. What is more painful is seeing her suffer so much, silently. She doesn’t even complain! And I feel helpless - I want to do everything to save her.”  

Munivenkata has already spent over 50 lakhs on his daughter’s treatment. They have sold their house and their younger son has decided not to go to college to save up for his sister. Munivenkata is a goods vehicle driver, he earns somewhere around Rs 12,000. He has been saving up every single bit for Pooja.

“But it’s still not enough. I need 10 lakhs! How do I arrange for that? Please help me - only you can save my daughter now.”  

Pooja has dreams. She wants to study further and get a job. She wants to help her family. But all this won't be possible if she is unable to get the transplant in time. A small contribution from your side can change her life
Patient Pooja KM is 22 years old, living in Bengaluru (Bangalore) Rural, Karnataka
Being treated in Manipal Hospital, Banglore

Receiving Kidney transplant treatment for CKD

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