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Young Mother Of A Baby Girl Will Lose Her Life Without An Urgent Transplant

Urgent: This young mother may not survive long without an urgent kidney transplant

Last year, Pooja and Chinmay Madke were excited about the birth of their baby, and everything was going well. But their lives took a challenging turn when Pooja was diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) shortly after giving birth. Before the diagnosis, Pooja had been relatively healthy, but the complications from HUS brought about many health issues. But the most pressing of them is chronic kidney disease.

What happened to her post pregnancy is very rare. Nothing was wrong before that; everything was going well and we were so happy. Now, she is just a poor shadow of her old, cheerful selfHer body has gone through so much, and yet she smiles. My wife inspires me.” - Chinmay, husband

‘Her heart barely works, other organs could also be affected soon’

Pooja's battle with HUS led to left ventricular failure (LVF) dysfunction, reducing her heart's pumping capacity to just 25% to 40%. She also developed anemia and required regular medications to manage her condition. Now, weekly dialysis is a part of her life. They are what keep her alive temporarily, as the only way she can survive is through a kidney transplant.

“Doctors have clearly told us that her vital organs could be badly affected if she does not get a transplant soon. She is very weak and cannot do much nowadays. But despite her poor health, she manages to take care of our baby as much as she can. She loves her to bits.”- Chinmay

The family is going through intense financial crisis; cannot fund her transplant

Chinmay, who worked as a creative head in a pharmaceutical company, faced uncertainties in his job due to the pandemic. Working from home meant his income fluctuated between 5,000 to 9,000 rupees, making it difficult to cover Pooja's escalating medical expenses.

Their savings of 14 lakhs quickly diminished as they struggled to cover Pooja's medical treatments. Delivery, including plasma ferrisis, multiple tests, and ICU charges, cost them 7 lakhs. Dialysis sessions, along with expensive medications, add up to 20,000 rupees per month.

“Pooja’s father is a matched donor. Everything is ready except the funds. Pooja has big dreams of being a scuba instructor some day. I just wish she stays alive to realise her dreams, and also for me and my daughter. Please help us with this medical emergency.”- Chinmay

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Patient POOJA GURAV - MADKE is 26 years old, living in Dombivali, Maharashtra
Being treated in Aims (Asian Institute Of Medical Sciences) - Dombivli, Dombivali, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease / CKD

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