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These Disabled Dogs Are Left To Rot On The Streets Where They Get Hit By Vehicles And Die

Sarah Iyer loves animals, especially dogs. While she was young she lost her father. But three brave women in her life, her mother, her grandmother and her aunt brought her up. She grew up watching her family take care of pets with love and care. She always felt a strong connection to them.

One day, Sarah saw a puppy get hurt by a car. The puppy was in bad shape, but Sarah and her family rushed to help. They named the puppy PK and nursed him back to health. PK became a happy dog thanks to their love and care.

After this experience, Sarah decided to help more dogs in need. In 2019, she used up all of her savings and started The Madras Animal Rescue Society with Gerry. They noticed that many rescued animals didn't get the care they needed. So, they built a shelter for paraplegic and blind dogs. They also help sick and injured street dogs.

Sarah and her team do a lot to help these dogs

1. They give them a safe place to stay, food, and medical care.

2. They help the dogs get better through therapy and rehabilitation.

3. They create a loving environment where the dogs can be happy.

4. They find loving homes for the dogs through adoption programs.

5. They teach people in the community about disabled dogs and how to help them.

Helping these special dogs gives her courage

All of a sudden, she lost her strong backbone, her mother, her grandmother and aunt. Her whole world came crashing down. But what kept her going was these dogs who were abandoned. She says, “Helping them gives her strength and courage to keep going. It heals me.”

But Sarah and her team face challenges

1. They don't always have enough money to take care of all the dogs.

2. They need more supplies like food and medicine.

3. They want to build a better shelter for the dogs.

4. They need more people to help with all the work.

5. In rains, Sarah and Gerry have to carry hundreds of dogs to a safe place

She wants to rescue and give a better life to more dogs, but funds stand in her way

As they are ‘special needs’ dogs, Sarah states that they struggle to move through hot sand in summers and wet sand in rains, dragging themselves with their front legs. As a result, she hopes to build a better boarding facility for them.

Each month, they require 2400 kg of chicken, 1700 kg of rice, 500 litres of milk and 800 eggs to feed the animals, ranging from young puppies to adult and elderly dogs. Additionally, they also require a substantial amount of medicine to address their health issues arising from their disability, age, and environmental conditions. This amounts to almost 50 lakh rupees a year!

Your support will make a significant difference in their lives.

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