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This Mother's Heart May Stop Beating Before She Ever Holds Her Twins In Her Arms

My mind wasn’t able to process what was happening as I stood there outside the delivery room. It all happened so quickly. It was supposed to be the happiest day of my life, but instead, I was being pushed out of the way by nurses as they wheeled my newborn twins away in one direction, and the love of my life in the other.

All three of them were unconscious, all three of them were on their way to ICU.
All three of them were dying.
- Pragati Raman

Pragati Raman and Pallavi have been married for a little over 5 years. Having a marriage based on love, understanding, and mutual respect, they were very happy with each other, except for one great shared source of sadness: they didn’t have any children. For the past 5 years, they’ve been praying and hoping, trying all kinds of very expensive fertility treatments, just to have a child of their own. Early this year, their prayers were finally answered.

Tragedy struck this family as unexpected as lightning, but there is hope

Shortly after a gruelling delivery, Pallavi had a cardiac arrest. If it wasn’t for the rapid response from her doctors, she may not have made it at all. And complications didn’t end there, as soon after that Pallavi developed multiple organ failure – her internal systems were shutting down one by one. While her twins' condition was soon stabilized, she had to be put on dialysis and life-support. But this does not have to be the end of the story for Pallavi.

With just a few weeks of ICU care and treatment, this new mother will make it through this and be reunited with her twins. 

"As I stand beside her bed and look at her lying motionless, tears roll down my cheeks. I can’t believe this has happened to her… to us! We had so many plans for our babies, we were even deciding names... and now... her condition is so critical. And I have nothing to save her. All I can do is watch helplessly. She’s finally a mother… but...” 
– Pragati

Poor Pragati is unable to do anything about the situation

“They’re saying it’ll cost 20 lakhs to keep her in the ICU and save her, but we have no savings. Pallavi is a housewife, and any extra money I earned I just put into our fertility treatments over the years. After all the mental stress she went through to have a child of her own, nights where she cried herself to sleep, days where she would just stare into space holding her stomach, we finally have not just one child but two... But now Pallavi… I keep fearing that Pallavi may never get to know them…” 
– Pragati, breaking down

In these dire circumstances, only you can keep Pallavi alive. After going through so much, she is finally a mother. But without your help, she may never be a mom. 

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