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6-Inch Scar On This 6-Year-Old's Body Tells A Painful Story

The 6-inch scar on Palash's stomach tells us the pain he has been through. Cancer has been very cruel to him. It has not only made him weak, but also taken away his cheerful nature and his confidence. He even shies away from his parents, thinking he looks ugly. But all of that can end with one last treatment - a Bone Marrow Transplant.

He couldn't move his leg and was terrified of losing it

One night in October 2020, 6-year-old Palash woke up with severe pain in his stomach and no medicine could make him feel better. He bore the pain and somehow managed to pass the night but in the morning he went through something worse.

"He tried to get out of his bed, but his left leg, it stopped working. He couldn't even move his toes and he started crying thinking that he'd lost his leg. We just couldn't understand what was happening to him and we immediately took him to the hospital. But we never thought all of this could be because of cancer."  -Soma, mother

We are so close to beating cancer but it might all go in vain

Palash suffers from Neuroblastoma, a severe type of cancer that spreads aggressively and needs immediate medical attention. This disease requires prolonged treatment that involves chemotherapy, surgery, bone marrow transplant, and radiation. For a child so young, it is too much to go through, but it is also the only way he can beat cancer and survive. So far, his parents have managed to afford chemotherapy and the surgery but cannot afford the remaining treatment.

"As soon as we knew what he needs, we just started gathering money to get him treated. We sold everything valuable, borrowed money and even begged strangers to help but we are unable to keep up anymore. We have come so far in the treatment and so close to beating cancer - our child has fought so bravely and now if we can't afford the transplant, all of this will go in vain." - Sandeep, father

It's been 6 months away from home

"For our son's treatment, we have come so far away from home. We had to leave our 2-year-old baby with his grandparents and my husband left his job. All the hardships felt worth it when we saw our child getting better with every step of the treatment. But it is getting harder to manage our expenses now and I am afraid we might have to stop the treatment. We are so close to taking our son home and going back," - Soma

One more step and Palash can go back home cancer-free. Only you can make this happen. Your generous contribution can give this child a new lease of life. Click here to contribute
Patient Palash Samanta is 6 years old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated in Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Neuroblastoma

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