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Building Dreams, Changing Lives: Help Anil Build A Permanent Haven For Orphaned and Mentally-Challenged Children

“These children call me ‘Papa’, and rightly so because I am the only father they have known. It makes me extremely happy when they call out to me. Physically they all look like 10 or 15 year olds, however, their mental age is just like that of a toddler. Many of these children are mentally challenged. They can’t speak, think or understand anything… They can’t express their hunger or feelings, neither can they ask for food to eat or water to drink.” - Anil Kumar Singh, Founder, Jeevan

For 33 years of his life, Anil Kumar Singh has been devotedly helping disabled and orphan children to lead better lives. He provides them with proper education, medical aid and emotional support so they can have a chance at living the life they deserve. Anil comes from humble beginnings and his journey began with the desire to make a difference.

It was some years after he graduated from college, with a Diploma in Mental Retardation, that an incident would go on to change the trajectory of his life and career. Anil met a concerned father from Dhanbad, Jharkhand who had been dejected over having to travel all the way to Patna from his hometown, just to get his specially-abled child educated. That was when he came upon Anil, and made a heartfelt plea.

“He asked me to come to Dhanbad, and teach his son. Without a second thought, I made my way there. The father treated me with utmost respect, and I taught his child for several years. It was there that I was faced with the sight of underprivileged children, who had been left to fend for themselves by their parents, going through garbage to survive on scraps of food. Some of these children were mentally-disabled, and I just knew I had to do something for them.” - Anil

Witnessing the plight of these disabled and orphaned children, he couldn't ignore their suffering. In 1992, Anil established ‘Jeevan’, a non-profit organization and shelter that not only offered these children a refuge from the harsh realities of their lives, but gave them a new life altogether. With Jeevan, he embarked on a mission to provide education, healthcare, and vocational training to these children, who had been denied such opportunities due to extreme poverty. 

To me, success isn’t about getting these children educated. It’s their basic right. Success is how far they go with the education we give them.I have taught thousands of kids all these years, and many of them who went here as students are now officers in the Indian Government. Some are entrepreneurs, car mechanics and even engineers, having successfully secured employment at reputed companies like Maruti.” - Anil

Under Anil's care, Jeevan has positively impacted the lives of over 16,000 innocent souls over the past 3 decades. Through educational initiatives, these children have been given the chance to receive a formal education, equipping them with essential skills for a brighter future. Currently, within the wall of this sanctuary, 78 children are nurtured and cared for by Anil and a team of qualified staff. Among them, 30 are specially-abled, while the rest are either orphaned or abandoned.

Chotu, a young boy, was rescued by Anil years ago, after he was seen sorting through trash and eating discarded food to survive. Anil brought him home, gave him an education, taught him all he needed to know and cared for him like a father would a son.

“Today, he likes to do small chores around the NGO. He answers phone calls at the security booth and talks quite eloquently. Later he tells me ‘Papa, they said this’, ‘Papa, they said that.’ From seeing him eating trash to now being able to do these tasks, is everything. I want to continue putting smiles on the faces of these children. Most of them come from deplorable conditions, and are very quiet at first. But they eventually warm up to us, find their voice and begin to communicate.” - Anil

On May 26, the Dhanbad area was hit with heavy storms and rains and due to which there were mine blasts and the shelter caved in. Nestled in the heart of hazardous coal mines, it now poses a severe threat to the safety and well-being of these vulnerable children. Anil hopes to relocate these children to a safer space, ensuring they can flourish in an environment free from danger.

“Since our home is built on hollow ground that was a coal mine, the damage was unavoidable - though it was something we hadn’t been prepared to face. Now our financial situation is so bad that we may soon be unable to feed our children. What we really need right now is a permanent home. I want my children to have a well-built and secure roof over their heads.” - Anil Kumar Singh

To sustain Jeevan NGO, Anil even recently sold his wife's jewelry. He managed a dedicated team of staff members, all of whom are passionate about the organization's mission. However, due to financial constraints, their salaries have also been overdue. Anil and the 78 children that are counting on him, need your help.

Your support will ensure that they can embrace a life filled with love, warmth, and opportunities. The funds raised will be utilized to acquire land and build a purpose-built shelter, equipped with all the necessary amenities to meet the children's needs. Additionally, ongoing operational costs, education, healthcare, and nutrition will be covered.

Every rupee counts and you can help Anil Kumar Singh continue his remarkable work of rescuing, supporting, and transforming the lives of these vulnerable children. 

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