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A Heart Attack Can Kill This 3-Month-Old Baby If He Doesn’t Get Surgery Soon

Sunita wakes up startled. The loud thumping noise has woken her up again. It’s not someone knocking on the door, it’s her 3-month-old baby’s heart. Every day, this is a crude reminder of how much time he has left. Every day, when she looks at him she can only imagine the worst.

At only 3-months-old, Nivik can get a heart attack and die.

3 months ago, Sunita and Brij Kishore took a happy, healthy baby home. He was named Nivik 6 days after his birth, where friends and family joined the couple in a small ceremony celebrating his birth. It was all going well. It would all go well – or so they thought.

“He was only 1-month-old when he started turning blue. Every time he tried to drink milk, he would turn blue, start choking! He’s my first baby…as a first-time mother you’re anyway scared that you’re always doing something wrong, but watching him like this…” – Sunita, mother

Sunita now can’t leave her baby for even a minute. He cries so much that only her voice can calm him down sometimes. Sometimes, not even that. He doesn’t sleep, and when he does, Sunita watches over him, worried that something might happen.

“I keep checking different websites on my phone to see what all can happen to him, I want to be prepared…in case something happens, I don’t want to waste a single second panicking. But I know…I know none of this will help. A surgery is the only cure.”

“He falls sick very often..cough, cold, everything! But we can’t keep taking him to the hospital because we can’t afford it. Imagine, we can’t even treat his cold now…how can we afford the surgery that is going to cost us lakhs? We can’t do anything but wait…”

Sunita holds her baby close, praying for a miracle to save him from his failing heart.

Patient Nivik is 3 months old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated by Dr Vikas Kohli in Child Heart Foundation, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Cardiac treatment for Patent ductus arteriosis

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