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Her Last Wish Is To Build A Forever Home For Orphans, Disabled And Homeless

"I had rescued a girl who had gone through the absolute worst in her life until then. Her stepmother had sold her for money, and every day, 10-15 men forced themselves on her. When we found her, she didn't have any clothes on; she was still in shock. But when I took her in and comforted her, I knew I had to take care of her like a mother. I knew that this was not just me rescuing the abandoned but something much bigger," Nakshatra shares with tears in her eyes.

I Am Born As A Mother Every Time I Rescue A Person Who's Abandoned Or Is In Need - Nakshatra

These heart-wrenching words echoed the pain and determination of Nakshatra, a transwoman from Bengaluru's Gangondanahalli village, who had experienced the harsh realities of life herself. A mechanical engineer from a well-known family, she was abandoned by her own kin at the tender age of 18 due to her gender identity. 

At 18, My Father Told Me If I Didn't Leave, He'll Kill Himself

“I had to spend months on the unforgiving streets, struggling to find a place to call home. This experience opened my eyes to the plight of the homeless and inspired me to create a haven for those in need. I only had one thought in mind even as I struggled to survive: nobody should ever go through what I was going through; no human being deserves that.” - Nakshatra
In 2020, amidst the challenges of the global pandemic, Nakshatra founded the NGO Nammane Summane where there is no division of gender and class, and everybody is welcome.

Nakshatra Is Battling Cancer, Her Last Wish Is To Build A Forever Home For Orphans, Disabled And Homeless

" It's not just about surviving; it's about living with purpose. My purpose is to provide a home for those who have nowhere else to go. As we can't afford high salaries, we face difficulty in hiring people. Our older members and few people from my transgender community have come together to help out whenever possible. " - Nakshatra

Nakshatra's Nammane Summane was awarded Rajyotsava Awards last year in 2022, a day which was filled with joy and pride for Nakshatra soon turned out to be a nightmare as she received her cancer diagnosis on the same day.

Regardless of gender or social class distinctions. The shelter offers not only beds but also education, food, and essential healthcare facilities to its residents. To add a touch of warmth and joy, residents' birthdays and major festivals are celebrated together.

However, high demand for more beds and facilities, along with no means to buy groceries and medicines other than the Nakshatra's savings is slowly threatening it's existence every day. 

Creating a nurturing and supportive environment

" I rescued a newborn baby who was wrapped in a plastic bag and thrown in an trash can. For 5 hours she lay in the trash can, suffocated, with no food or milk. When I held her for the first time, I realised I had become a mother. I immediately cleaned her, gave her some milk and she has been living with me ever since. " - Nakshatra

Nakshatra is currently on a mission to build a shelter that can accommodate 1000 homeless people.

"This is not just a shelter; it's a sanctuary, a place where people can rebuild their lives and dreams. It is a place for those who have no one to call home," she says with conviction.

These Helpless And Abandoned Souls Need Your Urgent Support

Nakshatra is not just fighting for her own life but is committed to providing a safe haven for those who have nowhere else to turn. Nammane Summane currently shelters 150 needy people. They include the elderly, orphans, and disabled, who need medicine and food. But it's tough to get enough money for all the expenses. Help Nakshatra take care of her family and those who have nowhere else to go.

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