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Accident Took Away His Leg And Now Failing Kidney Can Take Away His Life

"I’m nothing but a burden to everyone now. I can’t walk on my own. I have become so weak that I need someone’s help even to tie my lungi. I feel useless. When my little daughter comes running to me I’m unable to even lift her. Maybe am so sinful that God has left me to suffer. I wish I could die but every time I think of death the loving faces of my wife and child comes in front of my eyes" - Murugan

37-year-old Murugan’s life turned upside down after a tragic accident three years ago. Before the incident, he was working as a manager in a microfinance organization. A graduate in Zoology, Murugan was loved by everyone for his hard work and honesty. He also received the best employer’s award for three years in a row. But now, with only one leg, weak hands and a failing kidney he is struggling to get adequate medical treatment let alone feed his family.

He lost his leg, his job and now prone to a wheelchair for rest of his life

Murugan was riding a bike with his friend when he lost balance and knocked on a milestone. Murugan was thrown away on the middle of the road and a van ran over him. Doctors had no option but to amputate his right leg to keep him alive.

"Even both my hands were severely damaged but they managed to set it with plates and numerous surgeries. I still remember that day in the hospital…. saw that my leg was missing. I screamed…not because of the unbearable pain but imagining a life where I will be inclined to a wheelchair" - Murugan

It was Murugan’s mother who was taking care of him after the accident. When she too fell sick his relatives arranged a marriage for him with Priya, an orphan. She loved him despite of his disability and the couple also has a beautiful one-year-old daughter, Aghana. While she worked as a maid in houses, he started taking tuitions for kids in his locality. When Murugan was limping back to a normal life, a new problem came in the form of a failing kidney.

"He got a kidney problem due to the innumerable medications he took after the accident. Now the doctors say he can live only if he gets a new kidney. I was ready to give mine but he is adamant. He says “Let me suffer alone. You and Aghana are everything I have now…it will be selfish of me to make u give away your kidney”. But he is my husband, I cannot let him die in front of my eyes" - Priya, Wife

Murugan has stopped taking tuitions and now the family relies only on Priya’s income. He needs a transplant within a month and is eligible to receive a cadaver kidney. But the Renal transplant will cost around 10 lakhs, something this poor family cannot afford.

"I work as a maid in three houses and make around Rs.150 a day. How can I afford money in Lakhs? How will I save my husband’s life? I only have him and our daughter. I don’t want to lose him…I don’t want to be an orphan again. Even though we didn’t have much money we lived a peaceful life. Now,…he is dying and doesn’t want to be a burden to us anymore. Please help me save my husband" - Priya

Only your help can save him. A new kidney means a new life, where he can get back with his loving family. Your generous contributions are the only way he can get a transplant.
Patient N.Murugan is 37 years old, living in chennai
Being treated in Chettinad Health City, chennai

Receiving Kidney transplant treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease

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