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She Has Seen Patients Die In Front Of Her Eyes, She Fears The Same Fate For Herself

“Last month, when Mohana was admitted in the hospital for fever, there was a 10-year-old  girl on the bed next to her. The same evening, when I went back, that bed was empty....the girl died that day. Mohana hardly spoke to anyone for the next few days. Her fear and silence killed me a million times. I feel like she has given up hope that I can save her. I cannot fail my daughter… please please help me.” – Bala Murugan breaks down sobbing. 

Mohana (17) is holding on to her dear life with a 90% damaged liver. She needs a liver transplant urgently, without which her chances of survival are minimal.

Her life has been about going in and out of the hospital since she was 4, when she was first down with jaundice. We have done everything possible to treat her. Yet, today, with nothing in our pocket, we can't save her...” – Pama, Mother 

Mohana suffers from jaundice often. Due to this condition, she has been on regular oral medication which has damaged her liver extensively.  Her body has turned yellow and she has become so weak that she cannot lift a glass of water on her own. She can't even go to school because of her severe condition.

A month ago, when she had been in the hospital for a health check up, the doctors were in a shock… Mohana’s liver has been damaged beyond repair.

“The doctors said without a transplant she won't make it. I had no words. I couldn't even tell the doctor that we had no choice but to delay the treatment - we didn't have the money!  We were not careless...we had no other way. How could we be careless with our precious daughter's life? But now there's no time for all that...” – Bala Murugan, Father 

Bala Murugan used to run a provision store in Chennai. Over the years, he took several loans to afford Mohana’s treatment. Unable to repay the debts, he sold his shop, house and everything he had. The family even left the city and settled in a village in Tutticorn, Tamil Nadu. He now works a painter with a low and unstable income.

Mohana’s mother will be the liver donor for Mohana. Tests have confirmed the match. The parents now need close to 20 Lakhs for the Transplant. Your contributions can save this teenager’s life.
Patient Mohana is 17 years old, living in Thoothukkudi, Tamil Nadu
Being treated by Dr.Joy Varghese in Gleneagles Global Health City, Thoothukkudi, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Chronic Liver Disease

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