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A Rare Cancer Is Slowly Draining The Life Out Of Him, He Needs Your Help To Survive

Sandeep and Sheela Kumar’s happiness knew no bounds when their second baby joined them earth side last year. With his arrival, he had dispelled the darkness in their lives and so, his parents gave him a befitting name, ‘Surayansh’. They became a family of 4 and the couple yet again looked forward to the joys of parenthood. But they would have never anticipated the tragedy that would jeopardise their happiness, only a few months later.

At 9 months old, baby Surayansh was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumour, a rare type of kidney cancer. The only way he can recover is with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but his parents have no way of paying his mounting medical bills.

His stomach had swelled up and there were red spots in his diaper

Baby Suryansh was growing up well, achieving all his milestones perfectly. But one night, earlier this month, things suddenly took a turn for the worse. Sandeep and Sheela woke up to their baby crying incessantly and couldn’t figure out just why he was so restless. Until, they noticed something out of the ordinary.

There was a swelling in his stomach that concerned me, but it was when I began changing his diaper that I noticed the red spots left behind. I realized that he was urinating blood. Terrified, we immediately took him to a local hospital, where the pediatrician took an ultrasound. The results said that our 9-month-old had a cancerous tumour in his kidney and I froze in shock. He had only just come into our lives, and now we were being told we could lose him...” - Sheela, mother

He underwent a surgery, but his fight is far from over

Surayansh was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumour, also known as nephroblastoma, a rare kidney cancer that commonly affects children. It can be fatal, but it is possible to recover from the disease with appropriate medical intervention. In Surayansh’s case, the little one had to undergo a surgery to remove the tumour that had been growing in his abdominal area.

“They told us that they needed to operate on him immediately, or the cancer could spread beyond his kidneys and his life would be at risk. We didn’t have enough to afford the surgery, but every passing minute was dire and we somehow managed to get it done. But he is not in the clear yet, and still has cancer. The treatment for that is even more expensive - 10 lakh rupees - a huge sum that I could never afford. How will I save my child with no money?” - Sandeep, father

He needs prolonged treatment to survive, but his parents can’t afford it

Now Surayansh’s life is hanging by a thread. The only thing that can save him is prolonged treatment. He needs chemotherapy and radiation therapy to recover, but his parents have no means of paying for it. Sandeep, a private employee at a small company, earns enough to keep his family afloat. He has spent INR 2.5 lakhs so far from his savings and borrowing from relatives. Now without any resources, he is struggling to save his son on his own. 

This 9-month-old’s life has only just begun, and he is having to fight a deadly battle to stay alive. The disease has taken a huge toll on his little body, yet baby Surayansh's strength remains resilient. Your contributions are Sandeep and Sheela’s only hope at saving their baby boy. Through your generosity, they can get their son the treatment he needs to recover. Click here to donate!
Patient Master Suransh is 9 months old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy treatment for Wilm's tumour

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