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With 2 Holes In His Heart This Baby Can’t Even Breathe Without A Machine

“Nine months I carried him in my womb and waited so eagerly and patiently for his arrival. But I never thought things would take such a horrible turn. In the blink of an eye, all my happiness was taken away from me. I got to hold my baby boy for only a few minutes, and in the very next moment, I was watching in horror as my child struggled to breathe.” - Varsha, mother

His whole body turned blue and he had seizures

Varsha had been 6 days past her due date, when she suddenly felt severe pain in her belly. Moments later, she realized she was bleeding and woke her husband in panic. She was rushed to a local hospital where, a few hours later, she gave birth to their first child, a baby boy named Rishabh. But their happiness was only momentary.

“It felt like he’d been in my arms for only minutes, when I noticed he was turning blue. Then his whole body began to tremble and jerk in my hold, and he just fell unconscious. My wife’s screams were deafening, while our baby was being wheeled into the NICU. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was frozen in fear, and some time later, the doctors were telling me that our child was born with two holes in his heart.” - Tinku, father

He suffers from a severe birth defect

Baby Rishabh was diagnosed with Acyanotic congenital heart disease, a birth defect of the heart that affects the normal flow of blood. He has two holes in his heart, and although the organ carries enough blood and oxygen, it is pumped throughout the body abnormally. He also suffers from acute sepsis, complications of an infection that can trigger inflammation throughout the body, and multiorgan dysfunction.

The 2-month-old baby has been on respiratory support since the day he was born. He is unable to breathe on his own, and can’t keep from vomiting the milk that he’s being fed. He is currently undergoing treatment for acute sepsis, but he needs urgent heart surgery and prolonged medical attention to make a full recovery. However, the price tag on this treatment is not an amount these poor parents can afford.

“A machine is keeping our baby alive, right now. He is gasping for each breath he takes, and we haven’t even been able to see him properly since the day he was taken to intensive care, two months ago. I feel really helpless, unable to do anything for him. I pray that no parent has to ever go through such a difficult and terrifying experience.” - Tinku

They’re struggling to save their baby boy

Tinku is a small employee at a private company, earning a monthly income of INR 12,000. His 5-member family is entirely dependent on him, and with little to no savings, it is impossible for him to meet the exorbitant expenses for Rishabh’s treatment. He’s spent all he had thus far, going as far as to borrow money, and even mortgaging some of the family’s valuables. But it is nowhere close to the INR 25 lakhs he needs to save his baby boy.

My wife didn’t have an easy delivery either and it took a huge toll on her body. She’s still recovering, yet she can’t stop worrying about our baby and exerting herself, just to be by his side. She cries relentlessly, and I’m failing to give her any sort of comfort. She knows we’re falling short on the treatment expenses, and have no way to afford it… how am I supposed to save my child with no money?

These first-time parents are asking for your help to save their little one from a cruel fate. They hope you can support them in their hour of need, as their baby is caught in a battle between life and death. Click here to donate.
Patient Master Rishabh is 19 days old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Swastik Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Heart surgery treatment for congestive heart failure

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