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Aged Single Mother Is Struggling To Save Her Only Son, Who Needs 2 Vital Transplants At One Go

My father passed away when I was 5. He suffered from a blood clot in his brain and went into COMA. We were too young to understand anything. If it weren’t for our mother’s resilience, we wouldn’t have come this far. She made us independent and just when I took over the responsibility to provide a comfortable life for my mother…”- Sabarish

Sabarish has been diagnosed with excessive oxalate production in his body, which has led to liver and kidney failure. Only a transplant can save his life.

'His goal was to retire me and take over responsibilities'

To raise her family and educate the children, Anvuselvi, Sabarish’s mother, worked in the Admin department at an architectural firm. She is 64 years old now. Sabarish had shouldered the responsibility of caring for his family after completing his MBA and securing a job in the automobile industry. With his mother retired and his sister just beginning her career, Sabarish became the sole breadwinner, ensuring their well-being.

"We've faced many challenges together, but nothing could have prepared us for this. Sabarish has always been focused, his goal was to retire me as early as possible and take over the responsibilities. He has been so strong and now, seeing him struggle like this breaks my heart."- Anvuselvi, mother

My son needs dialysis twice a week and a dozen medicines a day

Due to his kidney failure, he is undergoing dialysis twice a week. There is no cure other than the transplant, but to slow down the attack of his ailment, Sabarish has to gulp down a dozen medications a day.

All of this can come to an end with a transplant but for that, we need 30 Lakh rupees. The amount is something that we can only imagine to have. I haven’t been to work for 9 months now and financially we struggling. It’s difficult to even keep up with the medication cost let alone having money saved for a transplant. I feel so helpless.” - Sabarish

He needs not 1 but 2 organ transplants at one go

“My brother, my daughter and I, none of us can donate our organs to Sabarish. Doctors say that it’s a genetic disease and we had to register for cadavar transplant. Due to the nature of the transplant, both vital organ transplants will happen at the same time. We just have 3  months to get it done.”- Anvuselvi, mother

Sabarish’s Kidney and Liver are damaged beyond repair and medication can only help him so much. With each day passing, the situation is only getting worse and doctors have advised to get both transplants planned at the same time with no further delay.

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Patient Mani sabarish S is 27 years old, living in Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Girishwari Hospital Pvt Ltd, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Kidney Disease

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