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4-Year-Old Kishan Cries Himself To Sleep Because Of The Excruciating Pain Of Cancer

“Nothing I do can calm him down. He continues to cry out loud and begs me to take him away from the doctors, the nurses and the injections. But what do I do? My hands are tied. This is the only way that he can better but it is unbearable for me to see him suffer so much. How long does my son have to go through all of this,” - Nisha, 4-year-old Kishan’s mother.   

His body is covered in rashes and he runs a high temperature

An otherwise healthy child, Kishan started having high fever a couple of months ago. While his parents, Dinesh and Nisha, were worried for him but neither of them thought that this fever was the precursor to a dangerous disease like that of cancer.

“The fever was scary in itself but what was more alarming was when I saw rashes all over Kishan’s body. We are from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, medical facilities are not great here. So we rushed Kishan to Agra for a thorough check up and that’s when we were shocked to hear that my son has cancer!”- Nisha. 

With no income in the foreseeable future, we don't know how we can save our son

Dinesh has a small gift shop and that’s how he used to run his family. He used to earn just about enough to take care of his family needs until his only son was diagnosed with a dangerous disease like cancer. Kishan has stopped eating and there are nights when he can hardly sleep because of the pain. He clings on to his mother and wants to go home.

“We have spent a little over 7 lakhs in the last two months. We had no idea that all our savings would be over so soon. Now we need 11 lakhs to continue his chemotherapy but how will we arrange for so much? My shop has been closed down in the last few months, there's no source of income. He needs the treatment, that’s the only way he can beat this disease but we are failing him,” - Nisha.  

How you can help

Nisha and Dinesh are struggling to save their only child. He is everything they have but these parents have nowhere to go. They need your help - a kind contribution at this time would bring back their lost happiness.

A happy and cheerful 4-year-old is now battling one of the deadliest diseases. He needs urgent treatment but his parents are failing to get him cured - even your smallest contribution can be helpful in these times.
Patient Kishan Yadav is 4 years old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all)

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