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People Used To Block Their Nose And Even Spit Beside These HIV Positive Kids

Challenges Faced by Kids with HIV

1. Stigma and discrimination: Children with HIV often face social exclusion and discrimination due to misconceptions about the disease.

2. Access to healthcare: Many children living with HIV struggle to access regular medical care and essential medications.

3. Emotional trauma: Growing up with HIV can lead to psychological challenges, including feelings of isolation and low self-esteem.

4. Economic hardships: Families of children with HIV may face financial difficulties due to medical expenses and societal marginalization.

5. Educational barriers: Stigma and discrimination can also affect a child's access to education, hindering their academic and social development.

"There is a girl named Ashma here at our shelter, who has HIV. When her parents passed away over 16 years ago, her uncle didn't allow her to come near him, and then eventually abandoned her. I brought her up as my own daughter, and she still lives with me today." ~ Datta Bargaje

How Datta Bargaje and Infant India are Helping

1. Providing a safe and nurturing environment at our shelter (named Anandgram) for children affected by HIV, where they receive holistic care and support.

2. Ensuring access to essential medical care, including regular medication and monitoring, to manage HIV effectively and maintain overall health.

3. Offering emotional support and counseling to help children cope with the challenges of living with HIV and combat stigma.

4. Facilitating educational opportunities for children at Anandgram, including access to schooling and fostering a supportive learning environment.

5. Creating awareness and advocacy campaigns to challenge stigma and discrimination against children with HIV in society.

Current Challenges

1. Financial sustainability: Infant India faces challenges in funding its operations and expanding its facilities to accommodate more children in need.

2. Volunteer support: The organization requires additional volunteers to provide care and support for the growing number of residents at Anandgram.

3. Continued stigma: Despite efforts to raise awareness, stigma and discrimination against children with HIV persist, requiring ongoing advocacy and education initiatives.

‘One of their main goals with Anandgram is to demonstrate that people living with HIV can coexist safely and without fear'

They aim to eradicate the stigma associated with HIV, especially among children. It's been heart-wrenching, having to bury 16 children who succumbed to HIV in the past. However, thanks to regular medication and exercise, the health of all the children at their facility has been stable for the past five years.

They're actively raising funds, primarily to provide shelter for volunteers, and also to house more children. They believe that by offering volunteers a place to stay, more people will be encouraged to lend a hand in caring for the children.

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