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What People Are Doing To These Donkeys Is Inhuman, It's Horrifying

I was visiting Nanded, Maharashtra, with my grandparents, when I saw dozens of donkeys for the first time in my life. I was very young then, but my sense of wonder and excitement only lasted a few moments. A smile formed only halfway on my lips. Because when I got closer, I started noticing more details.

I saw the owners of some donkeys whipping and hitting them so hard that their flesh tore. I saw some donkeys limping on broken legs as they tried their best to help their human masters anyway, and transport heavy loads for them. The most frequently used walking-paths in the dirt were red with soaked blood, and the air was heavy with the smell of infections and pus.

It was the first time she saw such terrible things; unfortunately, it wasn't the last

When I visited the nearby districts of Beed and Latur, I saw more of the same, especially near brick-kilns. Donkeys so thin their bones were sticking out, their bodies covered with sores and open wounds, were left tied by ropes that were far too short, denying them even a basic change of position. Some were clearly sick and injured, but there was no veterinary care in sight. The owners, focused on making their last profits before the rains arrived, seemed like they were unaware of the suffering of their animals.

Seeing all this gave birth to a lifelong passion for animal welfare

As a young adult, I eagerly sought out opportunities to work with animal rescue organizations, both Indian and international. Every day brought new challenges and heartbreaking stories, but also the immense satisfaction of helping animals in need. I learned everything I could about donkey welfare and the challenges they face. I documented the abuse and neglect I witnessed, hoping to raise awareness and generate support. Most importantly, I learned that the resources available to these organizations are very limited, and the sheer number of donkeys in need is quite overwhelming — 5000 to 7000 in these three districts alone.

Her journey has lasted more than a decade, and there's still a long way to go

Determined to find a more sustainable solution, I have researched best practices for animal welfare interventions, and also studied successful models from other countries and connected with experts in the field. This journey led me to the idea of focusing on strengthening existing SPCAs (Societies for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), empowering local communities, and providing direct relief during critical times like the upcoming monsoon season.

Time is running out for relief and protection efforts

The first drops of monsoon rain are just weeks away, bringing a welcome end to the scorching Indian summer. But for thousands of donkeys in the brick kilns of Nanded, Beed, and Latur districts, the changing season brings a new kind of fear – abandonment. These tireless animals, who have spent months toiling under the relentless sun, are soon to be cast aside as useless burdens. Their thin frames, once straining under heavy loads, will be left weak and vulnerable as the brick kilns close down and the monsoons arrive. Your donation can be a lifeline for these forgotten animals. With your support, we can provide immediate relief – food, water, and vital medical care – during this critical season.

Her vision goes beyond temporary solutions 

We aim to strengthen existing animal welfare institutions (SPCAs) in these districts, empowering them to become a permanent resource for donkeys in need. We'll also train local volunteers and activists, building a network of passionate individuals who can advocate for these animals long after our campaign ends.

Imagine a future where these hardworking animals are no longer seen as disposable machines, but as companions deserving of respect and care. A world where a complete system exists to protect them from neglect and abuse, where they have access to proper nutrition, veterinary care, and safe shelter. 

This is the future we can create together.

Here's a breakdown of how your donation will make a difference:

  • Direct Relief: Every rupee donated will go towards providing food, water, and medical care for donkeys in need during the upcoming monsoon season.
  • Building a Safety Net: A portion of the funds will be used to strengthen SPCAs in the target districts, allowing them to offer ongoing support to working animals.
  • Empowering Local Heroes: Your contribution will help train volunteers and activists, equipping them with the knowledge and resources to advocate for animal welfare in their communities.

FIAPO, along with several other compassionate NGOs supported by the India Animal Fund (IAF), is actively combatting the prevalent issues of abuse, mistreatment, and distress experienced by voiceless stray animals, farmed animals, working animals. 

Your generous contribution to this fundraising initiative led by India Animal Fund (IAF) on Milaap can make a significant impact. Your support becomes a crucial lifeline, rescuing these voiceless beings from the harsh realities of the streets and ensuring they do not meet a painful end.

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