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This Home Is The Last Hope For Dying Children, Help Stop It From Getting Shut Down

“A 5-year old girl was brought to our shelter, after her parents died. At that young age she already had tuberculosis twice and her ears constantly oozed pus. The doctors had little hope for her survival. But, we were determined not to give up on her and set out to change her fate. Today, if you were to meet her, you would be surprised to see how this same girl has not only overcome her illness but is also excelling academically. She's even learning martial arts.” - Mansi Shah

43-Year-Old, Mansi started Happy Feet Home, a paediatric palliative care centre believing no matter how much, or little, time a child has left his or her life deserves normalcy and they should get all the chances to fulfill their dreams. All the children at her centre belong to low income families and can't even afford meals once a day.

With Happy Feet Home, Mansi wants to create a world where every child receives the nurturing, nourishment, and support to lead a happy life 

Established in August 2014 by Mansi Shah, Happy Feet Home is a paediatric palliative care centre providing emotional, psychosocial, educational/vocational, and nutritional assistance to those in need at no cost. The centre’s vision is resolute: to create a world where every child in need of palliative care receives the nurturing, nourishment, and support to lead a life brimming with happiness and empowerment.

I am just trying to give them a little hope and helping them find happiness. These children deserve a life filled with joy and dignity. - Mansi Shah, Founder, Happy Feet Home

Palliative care finds problems early and treats them, like pain or feeling sad

Palliative care is a special kind of care that helps people who are very sick and their families. It makes them feel better and helps them have a good life, even when they are very sick. Palliative care finds problems early and treats them, like pain or feeling sad. It also helps with other things like feeling close to family and believing in something. Palliative care is like having a big helping hand so that people can enjoy life until the end. 
All the children at Happy Feet Home are provided with nutritious food, education, medicine, therapy, life skills, and end-of-life care 

All the children that come here have life-threatening diseases and are orphans. They all come from underprivileged backgrounds. When they come here, we give them nutritious food, education, medicine, therapy, life skills and end-of-life care – a holistic embrace for our children.” - Mansi Shah

It's been 8 years since Happy Feet Home started. During these 8 years, there was a lot of love, laughter, care, and hope, but also some tears and fears. The center has changed a lot. At first, they weren't sure if kids would come, but now they help kids go on their own journeys in life and grab opportunities with excitement.

Mansi and her team at Happy Feet Home have helped over 1,500 terminally ill children bounce back to health and receive a new lease of life. 

These children, who once saw a school for the first time at the ages of 8 and 10, are now excelling in their chosen fields. They've transformed from youngsters with dreams of conquering the world into individuals who've won over countless hearts.

But now the Happy Feet Home is on the verge of shutting down

However, this past year has thrown more challenges their way than they could have ever anticipated, with funding being a significant concern. Today, the centre is facing its biggest challenge yet - possible closure.

“Over the last few months, things haven’t been smooth sailing and we have been unable to provide our staff with their salaries either. The staff themselves say that feeding these children is more important to them than their salaries. But, if we don’t receive any help within the next few days, we will be forced to shut down our centre.” - Mansi Shah

Please help keep Happy Feet Home from shutting down

All these years supporters like you have been the lifeblood of Happy Feet Home, driving them towards their goals. You have already created miracles at Happy Feet Home. Now, as they face these turbulent times, your support is needed more than ever.

Please, help Mansi and her dedicated team ensure that their mission continues, that these brave children continue to dream, and that Happy Feet Home remains a sanctuary of hope and happiness. You can ensure that the doors of Happy Feet Home remain open. 

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