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3-Year-Old Fell Into A Boiling Pot Of Curry And Has Severe Burns All Over His Body

"Everything happened within five minutes. I was preparing curry in the backyard and Gawtham was playing nearby. I went inside to check on my sleeping baby daughter. When I came back, he had fallen into that boiling vessel. The sight was horrifying…I ran and lifted him up and poured pots of cold water. He was in so much pain but what hurt me the most was he didn’t cry or call out for help, fearing I would scold him…he sat inside quietly until I returned,"– Gayatri, mother

Gayatri and her husband run a small tiffin service on a pushcart for a living. She wakes up early and prepares four types of curries and a variety of dishes to sell. She also takes care of her baby daughter and 3-year-old son Gawtham. Little Gawtham being the naughtiest is everyone’s favourite but the kid is now fighting for his life after the accident.

Over 60 percent of little Gawtham’s body is burnt

"I rushed home when I heard about the incident. We took him to the nearby government hospital immediately. He was fine then and there were no signs of burn. We were relieved but within an hour things started getting worse. His skin started peeling off…even the white layer beneath became visible. He started screaming and no one could calm him down. My little boy was undergoing unimaginable pain," – Karthik, father

Gawtham’s burns were so severe and he was treated with antibiotics, ointment and covered in banana leaf to heal. But he didn't show any signs of improvement. He started having a high fever which was followed by seizures.  

He can’t sleep due to the stinging pain. Even turning sides on the bed makes him bleed

"The nurses tossed him carelessly while dressing and he would cry more in pain. When we questioned them they asked us to take our child to another hospital. I didn’t have enough money but when he got fits I got scared. Even if we are going to end up beggars, I decided to admit him in a bigger multi-speciality hospital. I wanted to save his life at any cost," - Karthik, father

Gawtham was taken to another hospital overnight. It’s been 21 days since he came here and is treated continuously for his burns and infection. He has undergone skin grafting to cover the scalds and still needs three more cycles of it. He is fed through a tube and given enough nutritional support to fight the infection.

Without constant care, he has a high risk of multiple organ failure

"My child is recovering. Doctors have promised us that he will survive this if he gets constant treatment for the next two months. But I don’t know how I’m going to afford it. I haven’t opened my shop in months. Every day it costs around Rs. 20,000 for medicines and tests. Till now, with the help of friends and family and by selling my wife’s jewels I managed to pay 3 lakh rupees. I need 4 more lakhs to save my child. If the treatment gets stopped then I may lose my dear son. Please help me save his life," - Karthik. 

Little Gawtham is being brave and is fighting for his life in spite of all the pain. You can help him in his battle and reduce his sufferings through your kind contributions. 

Patient Gawtham is 3 years old, living in Erode, Tamil Nadu
Being treated by Dr. Boopathi in Erode Emergency care, Erode, Tamil Nadu

Receiving treatment for Severe burns

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