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House Help Turned Stray Saviour, Rajani Needs Your Help To Build A Permanent Shelter For These Voiceless Creatures

"Recently, I went down a well which was about 42-ft deep to rescue a pregnant dog that had been thrown in. To my horror, I discovered the bones of 4-5 dogs who had died there.  I don’t know how to swim so I tie a rope around my waist and go down many of these wells, as I can’t see these poor animals dying all alone there " - Rajani with tears in her eyes

43-year-old Rajani Shetty, has dedicated the past 22 years of her life to rescuing and caring for sick, injured, and disabled stray animals. Despite working as a house help in Mangalore, she devotes nearly all her earnings to these voiceless beings. Currently providing shelter to over 58 animals in her own home, Rajani is now on the brink of being evicted. Today, she turns to us, seeking support to build a permanent sanctuary for these animals.

This 43-Year-Old Works As A House Maid And Spends Most Of Her Earnings To Rescue Animals

In 2006, while travelling in a bus, Rajani witnessed a heart-wrenching scene that forever altered the course of her life. A skinny dog desperately eyeing a street vendor for food stirred something profound within her. Witnessing a man finish his meal and callously discard the plate, only for the hungry dog to eagerly lick the remnants, Rajani's heart broke. She got down from the bus, bought food, and fed the dog, an experience that ignited her passion for animal welfare.

"That feeling… was everything. My life changed completely." - Rajani

Fast forward to today, Rajani receives distress calls to rescue dogs that have been poisoned, thrown into wells, or intentionally harmed. Armed with basic supplies like medicines and a rope, she rushes to the rescue site, tirelessly advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves. Her husband, Damodar Shetty, supports her wholeheartedly, and together, they have rescued over 5,000 animals in the past five years.

Despite the challenges, she remains steadfast in her mission

We feed more than 100 birds and 750 dogs daily. Feeding the animals is itself a difficult task with limited resources. Infact, my entire family works day jobs to help sustain this cause. But some people don’t like what we do - they don't like stray dogs frequenting areas and beat them. It’s heart breaking." - Rajani

Rajani's daily routine involves spending Rs 4,000 for the sustenance of her diverse family. This sum covers the cost of rice, petrol charges, and other necessities. Every day, after 9 pm, she navigates different areas on her scooter and rickshaw to feed stray dogs and birds. The challenges are immense – not everyone appreciates the presence of stray dogs, leading to acts of cruelty. Undeterred, Rajani uses her own rickshaw to ensure her animals receive care even during medical emergencies, as few drivers are willing to transport pets.

She dreams of building a safe haven to shelter and protect them

"I want to build them a shelter of their own. Because I don't have a home of my own, my children-these dogs are getting tortured. Many of my children are paralyzed, two of my dogs don't have spinal cords, a cat that can't walk. Some birds cannot fly, some are blind." - Rajani

The relentless torment from a cruel neighbour who throws stones at her dogs and physically assaults her has intensified Rajani's plea for a place of their own. With many of her animals facing challenges such as paralysis, spinal cord injuries, and blindness, Rajani dreams of providing a permanent sanctuary where she can continue to care for these beings without fear of eviction.

Rajani's ultimate dream is to establish a 24*7 hospital for stray animals, ensuring emergency care is accessible to every creature in need. Her vision extends beyond her immediate surroundings, fostering a community where compassion for animals becomes a shared responsibility.

Support Rajani's Cause and Help Build a Safe Haven for Her Rescued Animals!

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