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He Promised His Wife Before She Died That He Would Keep Their Daughter Alive, But...

The last time we brought our daughter to the hospital, I had my wife with me. She took care of Deepika during both surgeries. But now she’s no more, and Deepika and I just have each other left. All she wished when she was alive was to see our daughter live a healthy life, free from this heart problem, because seeing Deepika suffer grieved her so much. But I don’t have enough money to save her. I've already lost my wife, I can’t lose my daughter too... - Rajkumar, Father

8-year-old Deepika was born with a heart defect

Her parents found out about her condition only when she was one year old. She has a condition called Pulmonary Stenosis where the blood-flow from the right ventricle to the left is obstructed. Due to this condition, her heart murmurs and she struggles to breathe constantly. It disturbs the blood flow to her body and soon the heart may stop functioning. Only urgent surgery can now save her life.

My daughter took her first steps only to collapse in front of us

It was that day when my Deepika first started walking. She was turning one… when she got up and took her first step, my wife and I were so proud. She took a few more steps and... she collapsed in front of us. It took a moment to realize she hadn't just fallen, she was unconscious. Scared, we rushed her to the hospital immediately where we were devastated to discover that our baby has a heart problem. When the doctors told us it can be cured by a surgery, I promised my wife that I will save our daughter at any cost. Now she’s gone and I’m struggling to keep up that promise - Father
At the age of two, little Deepika had temporary surgery to control the symptoms. She needed one more but she was too small and weak. She got her second surgery at the age of 6.

She cries to her grandma every night, asking "Where is amma?"

My daughter died just a few weeks after Deepika got her second surgery, giving birth to Deepu's little brother. Deepika was inconsolable for a whole month afterward. She used to wake up at night weeping, wanting to see her mom. It started affecting her health too; her breathing problem increased, she couldn’t eat properly, she was getting weaker. One day she fainted again and we came to know that the surgery had failed - Vijayarani, Grandmother
Deepika needs an immediate stenting procedure to regulate the blood flow which has again started obstructing the heart function. It is a high-risk case and the whole procedure will cost around three lakhs with a prolonged stay at ICU for recovery. Her father who works at a grocery store is struggling to afford this huge sum and has no one to help him.

What I earn at the shop is only sufficient to feed and clothe them my small family. It is my old mother who is helping our family now. Even at this age, she works at the field as a labourer to support us. I can’t go out to cities in search of better jobs because I have to stay with Deepika. No one else is ready to lend me money as I already took a number of loans to pay for her previous two operations. I just have a few days left now. Time is running out… I need to keep my promise and save my daughter. - Father

Help this struggling father to save his little daughter from dying. Her heart condition is getting severe and only your generous contribution can save her life.
Patient Deepika is 8 years old, living in Thoothukkudi, Tamil Nadu
Being treated by Dr. Nevile Solomon in Apollo Childrens Hospital, Thoothukkudi, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Cardiac treatment for S/p Intracardiac Repair

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