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Cancer Is Threatening His Life As He Can No longer Walk Or Even Stand Without Support

"The doctor said that there was a fluid build-up in his stomach...."

In 2021, after experiencing prolonged discomfort in his stomach, Deepanshu reached out to a hospital to determine the cause of his troubles. But what he had presumed to be some form of an ordinary disease, proved to be a grave condition that left him terrified. 
"The doctor said that there was a fluid build-up in my stomach, certain lumps were forming and they wanted them tested. When the report came, I was shaken to the core. Just the word 'cancer' can shake anyone, and this cancer was now my reality." - Deepanshu Kataria. 

They had rejoiced when he walked cancer-free, but with his relapse, the accompanying complications left him bedridden again

In 2021, Deepanshu was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a type of cancer that starts in the immune system and affects white blood cells called lymphocytes. It is a form of cancer that is feared to appear in any part of the body. His treatment involved a combination of several chemotherapies and immunology therapy.

"When the doctor declared that my son was finally cancer-free. We were so relieved, hoping that now his weakening body could be healthy again. We never expected that in barely 8 months, this cancer would come back to haunt him again." - Sunita Kataria, mother

His condition turned grave and he needed a bone marrow transplant to survive 

In October of 2021, during a regular check-up at the hospital, Deepanshu was once again discovered to be suffering from cancer. He underwent a bone marrow transplant, hoping that the cancer would finally be terminated from the his life. But his battle with his deteriorating condition took a new turn with his unexpected relapse, leaving him and his family dismayed.

"I could barely hold back my tears, my brother has suffered a lot. My childhood was the happiest part of my life and that is because my brother always stood beside me like a strong pillar of support. He is the pride of the family and used to work as a financial analyst. But now, he can't do much as his weak body trembles in so much pain. His relapse was barely under control when he suddenly through a seizure, surging all our fears to the front." - Shivang, younger brother

He can no longer walk or even stand without support 

All this time, Deepanshu has been in and barely out of the hospital. In July 2023, he felt severe knee and back pain. In the middle of August, he experienced multiple episodes of seizures that left him bedridden. He can no longer walk or even stand without support. He is administered specialized medications that treat his complicated condition. The doctor has concluded that he will need the course of some of these medicines for at least a whole year to beat cancer again, the cost of which amounts to approximately INR 10 lakhs.

"We have taken loans to support my brother's hospital care so far. We have drained all our savings, and Milaap also has been an important part of this support. We've spent about 50 lakh rupees but it didn't prove to be enoughMy mother and I manage the house's expenses. Recently, my brother was on urgent oxygen support, he spent 12 days in the ICU. I just want to see my brother healthy again, to see him smile. We need help for him as soon as we can get it." - Shivang

Despite his family standing as his pillar of support, his dreams threaten to crumble in front of his worsening condition

Deepanshu lives with his parents - Ajay and Sunita, and his younger brother, Shivang. Ajay Kataria had to shut down his business as he devoted himself to taking care of his ailing son. Sunita is a teacher with a meager income in the face of the expenses, while Shivang is an employee at an MNC. The family has centered their lives around the eldest son, striving through the burdens of loans and drained savings. They only wish for one thing - to see Deepanshu live his dream again.

"Seeing how much my father has sacrificed for my sake, I wish to help him build his business again. I also dream of playing to my heart's content. My weekends were filled with playing cricket with all my neighborhood friends. Cricket has been my passion for a long time, like many people my age, it simply stayed a hobby. But now, as my feet shake to even take more than ten steps, it makes me realize how much I miss it. It has been my joy, the thing I always looked forward to." - Deepanshu, voice trembling

Deepanshu and his family have faced every battle with courage, but this battle now threatens to push this family to the ground. Your helping hand can be their strength. 

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Patient Deepanshu Kataria is 30 years old, living in New Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi
Being treated in Max Healthcare, New Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi

Receiving treatment for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma / NHL

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