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At 27 Yogita Left Her Job As A Flight Attendant To Help Save R@#E Survivors

In a harrowing incident, a 13-year-old girl was gang-raped for seven days by multiple men, after which they shot her and threw her in a well. Yet she miraculously survived the brutal assault after villagers rescued her. We took her under our wing and helped her heal. Currently, she works with us to help nurse other survivors of rape back to health and happiness.”- Yogita

Yogita Bhayana, an anti-rape activist founder of People Against Rape in India (PARI), has committed her life to combating the pervasive issue of sexual violenceEvery day, the organisation receives an alarming 4-5 distress calls from survivors, highlighting the urgency of their mission.

At the age of 27, Yogita left behind her job as a flight attendant to start Das Charitable Foundation to those who were adversely affected by road accidents. But it was the Nirbhaya gang rape case which led her to start PARI foundation - A nonprofit run by young people that fights against sexual violence, promotes ways to prevent it, and supports survivors who may be afraid to speak out due to the stigma around this issue.

“Over the past decade, Yogita through PARI has extended a helping hand to more than 100 victims of sexual violence, providing invaluable support in legal battles, therapy, and education. In just the last 2-3 years only we have assisted 35 victims. It is a challenging task, but someone has to do it. Someone has to speak up for these rape survivors and make sure they find their way back to a normal life.” - Yogita

The organisation works to end rape and victim-blaming through education and awareness-raising initiatives that use a variety of platforms, including social media.

Being a guardian angel and breaking the stigma

Shyama (name changed) age 4 was brutally raped and found with candles,plastic bottles inside her private parts. Yogita reached the hospital where she was going through emergency treatment and visiting the hospital through out her recovery. She also protested for justice. Finally, in january 2020 the culprits were sentenced for life.

Yogita not only emotionally supports survivors but also helps them report incidents to the police. Unfortunately, over 5,000 cases of child violence have been reported, and 90% go unreported, especially when it involves boys. This is a significant and overlooked problem that needs attention

One in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18.

"It's crucial to reach out to communities, schools, and households to create awareness about sexual violence. By doing so, we can encourage survivors to come forward and report these heinous crimes. We have to break the silence surrounding sexual violence."- Yogita

She needs your support to continue caring, and fighting for them, as they are currently facing a major challenge

Every day, thousands of little girls are being raped & sexually violated. They are so young that they lack courage and knowledge on what’s happened to them. Till now I was using my own savings to run this mission. I want to tell the whole world, why helping a rape victim is important. But unfortunately, our financial conditions doesn’t allow this. Despite the challenges, PARI continues to be a beacon of hope for survivors. 

In addition to providing them medical aid, psychological counselling, legal support and rehabilitation, we also support their education so that they can move on with their lives and build careers for themselves. We also train our youth to become ‘changemakers’ to empower them to help victims of sexual assault. They learn everything - from how to provide first aid to a sexual assault victim, FIR filing procedure and basics of giving legal aid.” - Yogita

They can help many more victims with your support

Their mission is not only to assist survivors but also to raise awareness and challenge societal norms that perpetuate sexual violence. This is why they are starting a ‘Changemaker drive’ to train 10,000 youth to impact at least 100 victims this year in districts of UP and Bihar. In the face of these daunting statistics and heart-wrenching stories, PARI remains undeterred. Yogita and her team are determined to bring about lasting change. However, their efforts can only reach their full potential with your support.
Your contributions will empower PARI to expand our outreach programs, provide essential legal assistance, therapy, and education, and ultimately, bring justice to survivors and their families. We need your help and compassion urgently.”- Yogita

These survivors are mostly children who are alone at home, whose parents are daily-wage labourers; They are so poor. - Yogita

Yogita and her dedicated team tirelessly work to bridge the gap between victims and justice, offering support that goes beyond the immediate crisis.

Yogita is called " Mumma " by many children who she has rescued, as she not only fought for them wholeheartedly but also is teaching them to live with dignity

Stand with PARI in their mission to end sexual violence and create a safer, more compassionate society for all. Your support can make a significant difference, giving hope to survivors and shining a light on the path toward a future free from the shadows of sexual violence.

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