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Born With A Hip Deformity, 2-Year-Old Needs Urgent Surgery To Live Without Physical Disabilites

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Little Chinmai was born with a deformed hip, which made her stomach bulge out and her legs curve. Her parents, Suryakant and Swara Kate, who hail from a remote village in Maharashtra, had initially accepted their baby’s fate due to the lack of education and awareness that any defect can be corrected via medical intervention. However, this stance changed when their baby girl started growing up and her condition impacted the way she walked.

“She cannot walk properly because of her hip condition. She walks two steps and stops; she needs support after that. Her entire lower body being built different is putting a lot of strain on her. We decided to come to Mumbai to seek help after we realised that her hip problem will never let her have a normal life.” - Swara, mother 

‘We want our only child to have a better life’

Suryakant and Swara came to Mumbai in the hopes they seek treatment for their daughter from a good doctor, after their relatives living in the big city told them that it had the best hospitals. But knowing that Chinmai will get the best care is one thing, and affording that healthcare is another. 

Suryakant being a small-time farmer had spent all his savings on the train journey to Mumbai with his family. He did not even have enough money to pay for the initial consultation charges. But he ran from pillar to post and somehow arranged the money for the first two rounds of her hip surgery. But now, Chinmai needs a third major surgery, which he absolutely cannot afford.

“We knew we couldn’t pay for her treatment, but we were determined to at least try. We only have one child and we want her to live a fullfiling and happy life, like normal people. We want her to be able to use the washroom by herself when she grows up – is that too much to ask for?” - Swara, tearfully.

They are merely surviving in the big city for the sake of their child

Suryakant and Swara are staying with one of their acquaintances from the village, at their humble home in Mumbai. They are at their mercy for meals and fulfilling other basic needs. They do not have the money to buy even a towel for their child at this point, as they have already spent everything they had.

It is crucial for Chinmai to undergo the final surgery at the earliest, failing which she might never be able to walk again. Her parents wish for her to live a life sans any physical disability.

“We have nothing left – not even the few coins that we had put away earlier. Everything is spent. We are eating two square meals a day, thanks to the kind people from our village who made sure that we don’t starve in Mumbai.” - Swara 

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Patient Chinmai Kate is 2 years old, living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Being treated in Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving treatment for Hip Transplant

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