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Even A Small Infection Could Prove Deadly For This Little One Who Is Fighting Cancer With A Smile

Our child knows that he has something called “cancer” for which he has to go to the hospital regularly. He knows he can’t go outside because of this too. But instead of being sad about it, he smiles and deals with it. The doctors and nurses find it so difficult to treat other children with cancer because they resist getting injections, but not my son. I cannot imagine losing this gem of a child.”- Sundhar, father

He misses school terribly but doesn't stop being happy

Sundhar and Renuka’s 5-year-old son started getting sick in December last year; he suffered fevers for a whole month. Tests diagnosed him with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a severe form of blood cancer. Now, he cannot go to school and is confined indoors, but instead of being sad about it, he tries to channel his energy into editing photos on an old phone. He is a positive child, and doctors think that he has a good chance of survival because of this.

"He started treatment in January, undergoing 5 to 6 cycles of chemotherapy. He loves food and eagerly checks his elder sister's lunch box when she comes home from school to see if she had eaten anything interesting that is forbidden for him. He does the same with his father when he returns from work. He misses being a normal kid who loves to eat."- Sundhar

Even a minor infection could prove deadly for him, but they cannot afford his treatment

They used to live in a 10x10 room in a slum area in Vyasarpadi, where the bathroom, kitchen, and everything else were crammed into the same space. But now, Sundhar’s kind employer has given them his apartment, which is more spacious, so that the child can recover in a cleaner environment as even a small infection can kill him.

"His immune system is completely compromised. As a computer hardware technician who doesn’t earn a great income, I have already spent 4.5 lakhs on my son’s treatment. My PF is gone, and we were forced to sell our jewellery to cover the costs so far. We do not have the means to continue his treatment, without which he could die. Kindly help us.”- Sundhar

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Patient Child of Sundhar is 5 years old, living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Premier Health Center, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving treatment for Leukemia / Blood Cancer

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