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19.5 Lakhs Stand Between A Father And His 6-Month-Old Son. Help Him Get The Liver Transplant He Desperately Needs

When I found out I would be a father, my heart was filled with joy and hope. Each kick from my wife's belly brought dreams of a future filled with laughter, love, and endless possibilities. I couldn't wait to hold my son, to feel his tiny fingers wrap around mine for the first time. Those nine months flew by in a beautiful blur, focused on ensuring a healthy arrival for our little miracle.

Then came the moment I became a father. Holding my son for the first time was the happiest moment of my life.

It Started With A Simple Fever But Later He Was Diagnosed With Severe Liver Disease  

But three months ago, our world turned upside down. What started as a simple fever in our baby boy soon became a nightmare. Despite initial reassurances, our son was diagnosed with severe liver disease. His tiny body grew weaker, and the doctors told us he needed a liver transplant to survive. 

Only A Liver transplant Can Save Him But 19.5 lakh Is Beyond Our Reach
"He has gone through countless tests, including a biopsy but now he needs a liver transplant urgently. The cost of this life-saving procedure is 19.5 lakh rupees, an amount that seems impossible for us to gather. I work as a BSF security guard, earning a modest income. We've already spent all our savings, cashed out our insurance, and borrowed from everyone we know. Despite all this, we're far from reaching the amount needed. I need to find a way to save our son. We don't want to live a life without him." - Father

His  Mother, My Wife Is In Pain, As We Struggle To Save Our Only Child

My wife, his mother, is beside him always. She holds him close every waking moment, whispering prayers he can't understand. I try to be strong, but seeing my son in pain tears me apart. The guilt of not being able to save him weighs heavily on me. Every day, I juggle my demanding job and the constant worry about my son's condition, hoping and praying for a miracle.

This Father's Day was supposed to be my first...

This Father's Day was supposed to be my first – a day to celebrate the bond between me and my son. Instead, it’s filled with anxiety and desperation as I fight to save his life. Instead of joy, this day is a stark reminder of the precious time slipping through our fingers.

Time Is Running Out

We're at a dead end, and time is running out. The desperation in my heart grows with each passing day. I am reaching out, requesting for your help. Your donation, no matter how small, could be the lifeline that saves my son's life.

Please, help us give our son the chance to grow up healthy and happy. Your kindness and generosity are our last and only hope now. 

Patient Child of Nisha Rawat is 6 months old, living in Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh
Being treated in Max Hospital, New Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi

Receiving treatment for Acute Liver Failure

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