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He Has Put Up A Tough Fight Against Deadly Leukemia. But The Little Chess Master Needs Your Help To Call It Checkmate

It always looked like, that the younger son of Manas Mandal, and his wife Sulekha Mandal was born to win. Whatever the child picked up, being it sports, study or any kind of competition, he seamlessly defeated his opponents, being it on field, board, or in his class.

“My brother grabs things very fast. He has a special liking for chess, and wants to become a Grand Master and make India proud. But who knew that his life’s biggest fight would be fought much earlier, at a age of seven, and that also against Leukemia.” – Elder Brother

That day the doctor noticed blood patches on his feet

It was only last October, when the seven-year-old caught fever while the family was staying in Sagardighi, Murshidabad, where his father was posted. Thinking it to be low grade fever, his parents consulted a local doctor. After taking the prescribed medicines from the local doctor, within two-three days the boy came out of fever completely, however, caught fever again within a span of six days.

Recalling the day, his mother Sulekha says, “We were at Bardhaman, and this time also the fever was low grade. However, considering the frequent onset, we decided to check with a specialist. While examining, the doctor noticed blood patches on his feet. He asked for immediate tests including abnormal blood cell test”.

And it was Leukemia

When the next day Manas rushed to the lab for the test results, his heart broke down then and there when the Lab Official indicated concern, highlighting the test result, where the hemoglobin had dropped drastically, and the cell count blown up exponentially, and suggested Manas to consult with the doctor immediately.

Manas with a grave face,“The moment the doctor glanced at the report, he advised me to go to Kolkata straightway and admit my kid for blood transfusion. That day itself we admitted him to a hospital in Kolkata. The doctor there checked the reports and conducted tests again. After reviewing the test reports, the doctor asked for Bone Marrow Test, which we did in Tata Medical Centre, and it was then confirmed that my son was suffering from T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (a rare kind of fast-growing blood cancer that affects the development of T-cells, a type of white blood cell that helps the body fight infections)”.

Within moments our life turned upside down

"We admitted my brother to Tata Medical Centre, where he is getting treamnet now. I had to change my school as our family had to shift from Sagardighi to Kolkata for the regular treatment. my family are somehow managing the additional expense of thr rent and cost of treatment." - Elder brother

Sulekha adds “It looks like within moments our life turned upside down. We had to leave our home and had to relocate to a new city And in a span of few days we are indebted with lakhs of rupees. Still, we do not complain a bit to God. We just want our son back, healthy as  before”.

Our struggle has just begun, as my son needs immediate Bone Marrow Transplant

However, with all these troubles, it is not even half the battle won for the family, as within four months of chemo sessions the doctor gave the verdict that the child will eventually need Bone Marrow Transplant to heal completely, or the cancer might come back.

Manas says while holding his tears, “After all these, our struggle has just begun. The procedure of Bone Marrow Transplant will cost around 35 lakhs which will include room charges, pre surgery tests, transplant cost, post-transplant care and medicines. With the help of office, I am getting his chemotherapies done, but the office won’t bear the hefty cost of Bone Marrow Transplant. Hence, I need help to save my son. Please don’t let my son taken away from me”.

It is you who can save the kid and let his dreams come true

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Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Leukemia / Blood Cancer

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