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Without Life-Saving Transplant, 1-Year-Old Could Lose His Battle Against Rare Liver Cancer

1-year-old Mokshit, who used to be super active and cause mischief with his elder brother, now lies in the hospital bed, tired and bravely fighting cancer in its final stage. On the other hand, his parents are running pillar to post, hoping to find some way to save their little baby.

He needs an urgent liver transplant to survive 

“In the month of May, Mokshit suffered from constant fever and vomitings. When we went to the nearest hospital for a check-up, they suspected a tumour around his belly and asked us to get it scanned. But it wasn’t just one tumour, multiple lumps were found in and around his liver and intestine. The scan itself was horrifying to see. But when we were told it was cancer, we were devastated. He is just a one-year-old baby...” - Jyotsna, mother

Mokshit suffers from Hepatoblastoma,  a very rare cancerous tumor that starts in the liver. Surgery and chemotherapy can cure most of the cases but for Mokshit, the cancer has reached its final stage and he needs more than just chemotherapy. He needs a liver transplant.

These parents struggle to afford the transplant

Baby Mokshit has already undergone 7 rounds of chemotherapy which cleared all the tumours in his intestine. However, there was no improvement in his liver. There is no other option but a liver transplant,without which he will not be able to survive.

“After a fight of 4 long months, my child is still suffering from this wretched disease. When they said he needs a liver transplant, I immediately volunteered for the tests, and the results were all positive. They said we can go ahead with the transplant as soon as possible but...but the cost of the transplant is way beyond my means.” -Ramana, father

Only you can help

Ramana is a small employee in a private company. His income and savings were just enough to afford the treatment till now but he is failing to continue any further. He is in desperate need of help.

“I don’t know what to do. If I fail to afford this, all the efforts and progress will go in vain. I don’t want to lose my child. I want all his sufferings to end. I want him to live a healthy and long life. But I can’t do it alone... please help me save my child.” - Ramana

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Patient Chikkala Mokshit is 1 year old, living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Rela Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving treatment for liver transplant

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