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This Father Is Determined To Save His Daughter’s Life, But He’s Running Out Of Time

“Our Bhumi was just 3-months-old when we found out she has down syndrome. The doctor explained to us that she wasn’t like other children. She might not look like them, and might not grow like them. But we just wanted to know if she’ll be healthy. Now.. she has a heart disease…with every other struggle she’s been through, now she’s running out of time as well.”

Bhumi has a hole in her heart. A small hole may cause no symptoms, but a large one may cause poor eating, failure to thrive or breathlessness. Bhumi finds it hard to breathe nowadays. And the symptoms will only get worse if she doesn’t get treated in time.

Rupesh knows she doesn't have time without the surgery, but he never lets Bhumi sense his worry

Her condition is worsening, the disease is changing her

Bhumi is 10. She goes to a school for children with special needs. She loves going to school, and she continues to go despite her deteriorating health. But Bhumi is changing.

“Her heart condition was diagnosed when there was a health camp in school in June. Since then, so much has changed. She is irritated and angry at times. But she is also scared. We know that this is a confusing time for her and she doesn't know about her heart condition. She is in a lot of distress and cries a lot due to this," - Rupesh, father. 

Her surgery has already been postponed once

Bhumi needed the surgery in July this year, but Rupesh couldn’t afford it. He asked friends and relatives and it still wasn’t enough. But Rupesh hasn’t given up. He is determined to do all he can to save his daughter.

Rupesh and Veena need 3 lakhs for Bhumi’s heart surgery. However, they just can’t afford it. Rupesh is the sole breadwinner of the family, and his income working in a private company isn’t enough to afford the surgery.

 “We are running out of time, we cannot wait any longer. Even your smallest contribution can go a long way in saving our daughter’s life.”
Patient Bhumi Kaushik is 10 years old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated by Dr Vikas Kohli in Child Heart Foundation, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Cardiac treatment for Patent ductus arteriosis

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