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With Nothing Left, His Parents Will Soon Have No Choice But To Take Him Off Life-Support

Santhoshi desperately waits in the waiting hall all day, just to see her baby for a few hours. Whereas Eshwar, working miles away, he longs to see his child and prays that nothing should happen to him.
“I live every second in the fear of losing my baby. But I can’t stop working either, every penny is so important to us right now. Whenever I go to see him, I just pray to god, asking him to keep our baby alive until I visit him again.” 
- Eshwar, father

They never thought the birth of their first child would bring such sorrow and pain

Eshwar and Santoshi live in a small village on the outskirts of Hyderabad, 250km from the hospital. After their recent marriage, they were very excited about having their first child. They even planned that they would have the delivery in the city hospital as it would be better for the baby, but they never expected something like this would happen.

Viral fever, infection, and pneumonia, one after the other... his health just kept getting worse

“We were waiting for the day to come when we could take our son home. But not like this... not in such a condition. He can’t breathe even for a second without ventilator support but we have no choice but to take him off of it, we just can't afford it any more. I… I feel like I am killing him with my own hands...” - Santhoshi

My baby is in the hospital since the day he was born

All this little one has ever heard is the sound of beeping machines, all he has ever felt are the wires around him. He is struggling to breathe his every breath.

 “He looked absolutely fine, with a good weight of 2.7 kgs but just within a few minutes after his birth, he started gasping for breath and was immediately put on the ventilator. 30 days... since 30 days, all I've been allowed to do is come and look at him for a short time, and leave. I can't even touch him because he's so weak.” - Santhoshi

“I work as a small mechanic in my village. I just earn Rs. 8000 a month. Each day it is costing us Rs 30 to 70,000. I somehow managed it for a month. But he needs 13 lakhs! I borrowed from my relatives, took loans and sold everything that held value. But still it is not enough. Just 3 more weeks in NICU can save his life but... but 8 lakh rupees more, I just can't anymore..." - Eshwar

With your small help, Eshwar and Santhoshi can take their little child home. Your contribution can save this 1 month old.
Patient Baby of Santhoshi is 1 month old, living in Hyderabad, Telangana
Being treated by Dr. Ranjit Kumar in Rainbow Children's Hospital, Hyderabad, Telangana

Receiving NICU Care treatment for Respiratory distress and sepsis

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