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His Parents Had To Leave Him Just Minutes After He Was Born, So They Could Save His Life

“I was going to be a grandfather! Of course, everyone at home was excited but none of us thought that we will have to see the baby in this condition. Watching him struggle to take every breath is just heartbreaking.” - Ram, grandfather

Sunita's baby was born prematurely at just 8 months. Due to which the baby is suffering from multiple complications. Without prolonged stay in the NICU, the baby cannot make it.

Poverty is costing them their baby’s life

Ram and his family live in a small village of Rajasthan 170km away from the hospital. They work as small carpenters and whatever they got was enough for them to live without regrets.

“My son and I do woodwork, we get some four to five thousand rupees by selling them. It is enough in our village. But we never thought such a situation will come. We have never felt this helpless, we have never felt this poor. We will lose this baby just because of our incapability.”

His parents are dying to be with him but can’t

Sunita is still recovering from her delivery. Doctors told her to go back to their village and take rest and so she did, but her heart and soul are always stuck on her baby. She calls several times in a day to check on her. Whereas Dungur, the father, has to keep working to earn as much money as possible to keep their daughter alive.

We had to force her to go. I felt so bad to separate a mother from her child but what can I do? My son also went back with her, to earn any money possible. Still, no matter what we do, how will we manage to get such an amount? 8 lakh rupees!” - Ram

Baby of Sunita has extremely low birth weight. She weighs just 30% of what ideally she should be. Her lungs are failing, she is prone to infections and her vital organs are at high risk. Now she also has a stomach perforation, a hole, and it can be fatal.

Only with your help, they can continue their baby’s treatment. Your small contribution can save a tiny life. Without your help, this baby will not be able to make it.
Patient Baby of Sunita is 15 days old, living in Jaipur, Rajasthan
Being treated by dr mahendra in Surya Hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Receiving NICU Care treatment for Preterm baby with low birth weight

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