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It Took Her 14 Years To Become A Mother, But She Can Lose Her Baby In Days Without Help

“I waited 14 years after my marriage to hold my own baby in my arms. After years of pain, IVF gave me another life - a life as a mother. But a week ago, I lost one of my babies and now even my other baby is fighting for his life. The happiest moment of my life has become just a painful memory now. How many times will I keep dying from inside?” - Kazi Siffat, mother

Even after a successful IVF, Siffat’s plight did not end here

Siffat had seen every doctor, every hospital just to become a mother but nothing worked. After crossing the age of 40, the doctors agreed to give her just one chance of IVF and if it failed she could never conceive. But Allah was kind and gave her not just one but twin baby boys. Due to some complication, she had to get an emergency C-section done at only 26 weeks of her pregnancy. One of her babies could not survive and the other one is also struggling to take every breath.

With no income for 3 months, Abu is struggling to arrange 18 lakhs to save his baby boy

“We are in Kolkata since July and its been 3 months since my restaurant is shut. I don’t have any source of income now.The pain my wife is going through now is something I can never equal because she was the one who kept our babies in her womb. After 14 years when we finally had the blessing of becoming parents, Allah is testing us like this. I’m so helpless as a husband and father because I’m not even able to save my kids and assure Siffat that our family will be complete." - Abu, father

Siffat’s newborn baby has bleeding in his brain

Siffat’s happiness knew no bounds when she got to know she was having twins because no one in her family has ever had twins. She used to talk to them daily, sing them lullabies and took such great care of herself only to make sure her babies were healthy. If she loses this baby even she will not be able to survive the heartbreak. 

Siffat’s baby is suffering from post haemorrhagic hydrocephalus which is causing water retention inside his brain due to bleeding. He requires a device called Omaya cerebral reservoir to be placed inside his brain to monitor and drain out water.  Till he is stable, he is dependent on the ventilator. Her first baby had passed away after 11 days due to internal bleeding.

“All our relatives keep calling us and asking us when are we getting our babies home but we don’t have anything to say. We have borrowed so much money from them that now I don’t even know how to ask them for more. I keep Siffat’s phone with me because every time she picks up a call she breaks down. She has stopped eating and just keeps crying and looking at our baby through the glass.”- Abu, father

"My first baby was with me for 11 days only but I will remember him for the rest of my life. He left early but he was the one who made me a mother after 14 years. My other baby is so weak and critical that he has to be fed using tubes as he is still not able to take my feed. He has been giving me strength now because he is fighting every day since he has come into this world. Now if something happens to him, I will not be able to live anymore." - Siffat, mother

Only you can help Siffat and Abu save their baby. With prolonged care and surgery the baby can recover and Siffat and Abu can fulfil their dream of becoming parents after being deprived for 14 years. Please help them. 

Patient Baby of Siffat Ferdous is 1 month old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated by Dr.bikramjit das in Bhagirathi Neotia Woman And Child Care Centre, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving NICU treatment for Ventriculitis

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