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These Parents Have Only 30 Days To Get Their 9-Month-Old A Transplant, Before Her Failing Liver Claims Her Life

When we look at her, all we feel is guilt. We feel helpless as being her parents, we should have been able to protect her from all harm. All we can do is cry and pray… pray for Allah to take her pain away, and to help us in finding a way to save her before it is too late.”- Rawnak Abdullah, father.

Rawnak and Jahnattun were on cloud nine when their baby girl was born last year. They were getting used to being parents and loving every moment of it, before things started going downhill. Today, their precious 9-month-old is suffering from scarring and damage in the liver resulting from a blockage of the ducts, in addition to high blood pressure in the main vein that leads to the liver.

Doctors have given this baby only one month to live

When Rawnak and Jahnattun’s baby was born, she looked normal, except for the fact that she was yellow all over – her skin, eyes and nails had a yellowish tinge to them. These unassuming parents were told that it was just jaundice, and believed that it would go away on its own. But medicines and hospitalisation could only do so much. The innocent baby’s condition grew from bad to worse in a matter of months and now she is as critical as ever.

“She cannot suckle milk properly. She is irritable and cannot even rest properly. Every time she sits up, she collapses within seconds because of how weak her body is. She also has a swollen belly filled with infected fluid…how can her tiny body handle this for long?” - Jahnattun, mother

He stands to lose his job…but saving her is his priority

Rawnak had only recently landed a new job in an insurance company in Bangladesh, the couple’s hometown. But only a few days later, they had to leave everything behind and take their baby to India for better treatment. They were short on cash, but high on hopes… Now they have neither.

“I had to take an indefinite leave at work. I don’t even know if I will still have my job when I go back. But that is not the issue now…we had to borrow heavily from friends and family to just bring her to India – the visa, tickets, accommodation and other expenses have completely drained us. I do not have enough money for even her routine tests now. How will I save her?” - Rawnak, tearfully

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The identity of the child is protected in adherence to government guidelines.
Patient Baby of Rawnak Abdullah is 9 months old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Medanta-The Medicity, Gurugram, Haryana

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Biliary Atresia

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