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Complications Led To Premature Birth At Just 29 Weeks, Now This Baby Struggles To Survive

When Yogesh and Priyanka got to know that they were going to be parents for the very first time, their happiness knew no bounds. As the time for delivery neared, they just couldn’t wait to take their baby into their arms. But they never thought that they would be running from pillar to post instead, trying to save their child from the clutches of death.

Their baby was born premature at just 29 weeks, leading to multiple complications, and right now, he is fighting in the NICU to survive.

He is fighting for his life since the day he was born

In the first week of December, when Priyanka got her regular scans done, something seemed wrong and on further investigation, it was observed that the baby was not getting enough blood supply. Priyanka had to immediately undergo surgery to deliver the baby at just 29 weeks.

“I just came for a normal scan and the next thing I know, I was being told that my baby’s life was in danger. Yes, I couldn’t wait to meet my baby but it wasn’t supposed to be like this, so fragile and barely 810 grams. He has been struggling to survive since the minute he was born, fighting to take every breath and I am unable to ease his sufferings.” - Priyanka

5 More Weeks In the NICU can save this baby

Due to prematurity, the baby’s lungs are underdeveloped and he is on oxygen support. He is feeding through tubes and needs NICU care for at least 5 more weeks to completely recover and lead a normal life. While the baby is in the NICU fighting to live, his parents can’t even share his pain or be with him.

He is very vulnerable to infections, so we barely visit him. We usually just watch him through a glass window and wonder when we can take him home. On days like these when we can visit him, we just don’t want to leave. I am unable to keep up with the expenses anymore. I sometimes fear… what if we lose him.” - Yogesh

Neither can they afford to lose him nor can they afford the cure

Yogesh lost his job in the pandemic. He used to work as a cashier at a restaurant and since then he couldn’t get any work again. Priyanka works as a clerk at a hospital and with half the income than usual, the family managed somehow. But now, it is nowhere enough to afford this treatment. Rs 10 lakhs is way beyond their means and they are devastated at the thought that they might lose their newborn before they can take him home.

He has improved so much in the last 2 weeks, he weighs 1 kg now. 5 more weeks and he will be absolutely fine. But we can’t even keep up with the expenses for the next 5 days. I don’t know what to do now.” - Priyanka

Their whole world has come crashing down around them. They were so excited to have children of their own, but they never even imagined it would be like this. They can’t save their baby alone, they need your help. Click here to donate.
Patient Baby Of Priyanka is 1 day old, living in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Being treated in Surya Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Receiving NICU Care treatment for Preterm birth

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