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Barber Fears He Won't Be Able To Keep His Daughter Alive Even Till Her First Birthday

Yesterday, baby of Lavanya turned 7 months old but with each passing day, it is very difficult to say if she can make it even to her first birthday.

"She is our first child and we were eagerly waiting for her arrival. But soon after she was born, her heart started to beat rapidly. We took her to the hospital worried and praying that it would be nothing big. After many tests, doctors said she has heart disease and needs an open heart surgery" - Lavanya

Each day is a nightmare for them

The baby was just 25 days old when her heart disease came into light. Ramesh and Lavanya were devastated at the thought of losing her but stayed strong. They were told that for the surgery, their baby needs to be at least 6 months old, so they waited, but ever since then, each day is a nightmare for them, fearing that any second her heart might stop beating.

I am just a barber, I don't even have a shop of my own...

“I tried a lot… I tried to work harder, to earn and save as much as I can, but I couldn’t save more than a few thousands. I am just a barber in a temporary shed… Rs 150-200 is all I make in a day. How will I save my daughter like this? The surgery will cost us 4 lakh rupees. It is too much, I can never afford it.” - Ramesh

Ramesh begged and borrowed from everyone he could but it was only enough for their baby’s regular checkups and medicines. He hardly earns enough to afford basic necessities, let alone the cost of the surgery.

 "No one I know has so much money to give to me, neither do I have anything of value to sell. I don’t want to lose my child."

She suddenly gasps for breath and we have to rush her to the hospital

"She hardly sleeps at night. She keeps crying until she is tired and falls asleep. Sometimes she suddenly gasps for breath and we have to rush her to the hospital. But nothing can help her, only an urgent surgery can.It’s already her 7th month and I am scared that something might happen to her anytime.." - Lavanya

Your contribution can save this little girls life. Without your help, she will not be able to make it. 
Patient Baby of Lavanya is 6 months old, living in Hyderabad, Telangana
Being treated by Dr. Tapan Kumar Das in Rainbow Children's Heart Institute, Hyderabad, Telangana

Receiving Heart surgery treatment for Rastelli operation + LPA Plasty

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