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Just Seconds After His Birth He Was Rushed To The ICU, He Won't Survive Without Help

Kushala is anxious. She closes her eyes and murmurs a prayer every fifteen minutes. She looks at her husband, Bhaskar, with tears in her eyes. The first time mother has only one question on her mind - ‘When can I take my baby back home?’ Unfortunately, no one has been able to give her an answer. It’s been 80 days since Kushala’s baby boy was born but the parents haven’t been able to take him home, yet.

She blames herself for her child’s condition

The news of Kushala’s pregnancy made the couple very happy. While they were making innumerable plans for their baby, Bhaskar was careful to look after his wife. He never missed a test or any of her medicines. But even then, during her seventh month of pregnancy, Kushala felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. The very next morning, Bhaskar took her to the doctor where they were told that only an immediate c-section can save the baby and mother. A beautiful baby boy was born but he had to be immediately taken to the intensive care unit.

From that day, Kushala continues to blame herself. She thinks it’s her mistake that our child is suffering so much. She hardly eats now - all she does is pray for our son. How do I tell her that it’s not her fault…,” - Bhaskar, father.  

They don't have the heart to leave their baby's side 

The last few months have been a harrowing experience for Kushala and Bhaskar. They have rented out a small room near the hospital but neither of them has the heart to leave their baby’s side.

“I look at him and feel so helpless. He is so weak, so small. When the doctors had said that he might not make it, I almost believed them. But my son has proved me wrong. He is a fighter, he wants to live and I want to save him,” - Kushala, mother.  

Weak and unable to breathe, this baby needs to stay in the ICU

Born premature, Kushala and Bhaskar’s son’s organs haven’t developed yet. He struggles to breathe on his own, without ventilator support. He opens his eyes for a few seconds. His parents eagerly wait for that moment.
“His entire body is covered with tubes and nozzles. We haven’t been able to hold him even for once. It feels like punishment. The doctors have said that he would need to stay in the ICU for another 20 days. How will I afford that?,” - Bhaskar father.  

He is a farmer in Bhadrachalam, Telangana. He owned about 2 acres of land, which he had to sell to start his son’s treatment. He has spent over 6 lakhs till now, but he needs over 13 lakhs. For a poor farmer like Bhaskar who has no source of income in these times, the only ray of hope is you.

With your help and generous contribution, Bhaskar and Kushala can take their baby boy home. Please help to bring back their smiles of happiness.
Patient Baby Of Kushala is 2 days old, living in Bhadrachalam, Telangana
Being treated in Nori Multi Speciality Hospital, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Receiving NICU Care treatment for Prematurity

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