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This Sweeper's 3-Month Old Baby Is Gasping For Every Breath On The Ventilator

"I am a sweeper. My job is difficult and there is hardly any respect in it. But as long as my family was able to have food on their table, I used to happily do my work. But now my baby is on ventilator, unable to breathe on his own. I could've saved him if I earned well but now I feel helpless to the core."- Sankar, father of 3-month-old Ashish.

Little Ashish is on critical ventilatory support since a week now. A normal cold and cough had escalated into severe pneumonia. Sankar and Kiran have to somehow manage 4 lakhs to keep him in the PICU for another 15 days. Or else his lungs will start retaining water, making it difficult for his body to supply oxygen to other organs as well.

It's been since 1 week baby Ashish has not opened his eyes

Sankar earns Rs.3,000 every month. There is no way he can afford to save his son.  He has an elder daughter at home, waiting only to see her brother again. She doesn't even know that Kiran and Sankar are spending sleepless nights in the hospital waiting for their son to open his eyes just once.

"It has been 9 days, my babu hasn't opened his eyes once. I don't know why he is being like this. I know he can hear my voices but he is just not responding. Please tell me he will come back to me. Please bring him back," -Kiran, completely breaking down.

The baby gasped for breath - his chest was moving up and down

Kiran noticed her baby's ribs were visible,his chest was moving up and down as he struggled to breathe. It felt like he was gasping for air frantically. They took him to 2 hospitals earlier, but there was no bed available. Ultimately when they finally found a hospital with a bed available, Baby Ashish was put on ventilator.

"I left my daughter at home alone with a lock on the outside for her safety and immediately sold off my wife's mangalsutra. It happened so soon I couldn't process anything. On one hand, I was given a bill worth thousands of rupees and on the other I saw they connected all these tubes to my fragile baby."- Sankar, father

Sankar works in Kolkata while his family stays in Bihar. Kiran had come to surprise Sankar so that he could spend some time with his 2 kids, as he missed them all the time. But little did Sankar and Kiran know that this visit would take such a deadly turn.

Any help that you can provide will be of immense help to Sankar. He needs to arrange 4 lakhs so that his baby can stay in the PICU. If he fails to do so, their baby's organs will start giving up on him. Please help us save him.
Patient Baby of Kiran Devi is 3 months old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated by Dr prabhas giri in Institute of Child Health, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving PICU Care treatment for Pneumonia with ards

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