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This Rickshaw Driver Is Running Out Of Time And Money To Save His Newborn Baby

"I couldn't hear my newborn baby's cry right after delivery. I was blacking out but I could sense something was wrong because I could hear the word 'stillborn'. I knew I was not in a condition to hold my baby but I begged them to just let me hug him because I knew my baby couldn't leave without meeting his mother. He cried after 12 minutes of birth and I just passed out of happiness". - Dolly, mother

Since then Dolly's baby has been crying endlessly. They did everything from feeding him to keeping him warm, but nothing helped. He looked like he was in a lot of pain, so much so that his parents rushed him from Sunderbans to Kolkata at 2am. They went to 3 hospitals but none of them had an empty bed. 

They felt it would be something minor but it was actually Birth Asphyxia as her baby was deprived of oxygen, leading to a seizure after 2 days. Since then he has been on ventilatory support due to respiratory distress. 

With every passing day, Dolly and Bharat's baby's fight is getting more difficult

His immunity has weakened so much - he has a severe blood infection coursing his veins.  His hemoglobin and calcium levels are also critically low. His life can only be saved with a surgery and NICU care costing about Rs.3.5 lakhs. He is only 13 days old and his life is hanging from a fine thread...

With an income of Rs.150 per day, this rickshaw driver cannot even afford one time meal for his family now

Bharat is a rickshaw driver and he makes about Rs.150 a day. He has sold everything he had and has spent 1 lakh on his baby's treatment. Dolly has just given birth and is very weak. Instead of giving her healthy food he is not even able to provide her with one meal a day. 

"My baby is so weak that I don't even get to touch him for more than a few minutes. Every time the nurse wraps him or cleans him, it makes me feel so helpless because as a mother I should be the one doing that. I just want to hug my day he opened his eye and looked at me for 2 seconds, I cannot describe that feeling. It felt like I got a new life." - Dolly, mother

Bharat had some savings but in the last flood season his mud house got destroyed and he spent a lot in building up a new house. Everyday Bharat travels 6 hours to and fro from Sunderbans to Kolkata to see his baby, because if he stops pulling the rickshaw everyday he will not even have money to feed their 6-year old daughter, Ananya. 

6-year old sister just wants to get her newborn baby brother back home

Ananya is just 6-years old and keeps asking me one thing - "Baba, when will I get her brother back home?" We haven't named him yet but she keeps thinking of new names for him everyday. It's been 15 days now and still everyday she travels with me to Kolkata, thinking today she will get to see her baby brother once and get him back home."- Bharat, father 


As a rickshaw driver, Bharat feeds his family only on what he earns daily. Now with him not being able to earn his daily wage, it is impossible for him to be able to afford his newborn baby's surgery and NICU care worth Rs.3.5 lakhs on his own. He just needs a little support from you all to get back the happiness in his family. He has been trying to do his best for his children but he is failing to do so. Please help him save his baby. 

Patient Baby of Dolly Das is 14 days old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated by Dr. Kheya Ghosh in Institute of Child Health, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving NICU treatment for NA

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