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Just When Baby Mannat Was Learning To Stand Up, Life Knocked Her Down

“We weren’t economically sound, and fought our daily battles, yes. But we were always happy; my husband, our baby, and I. Now, with our baby fighting for life, it’s gone. Our house reeks of the fear of losing her!” – Renu, mother.
11-month-old Mannat, had just begun to talk, and crawled around the house screaming, “pappa” and “mamma”, unceasingly. They were beyond joy when they saw her also attempting to stand up. She is their first child; their only child, and they adored her. But a few weeks ago, not one, but two deadly diseases struck her out of nowhere, and she’s now struggling for life.

It all started with a mild fever...

“She was all fine that day but suddenly I noticed she had a fever and she began to suffer from suffocation and she started crying irritably. Eventually the fever subsided. But it came back again and she kept gasping for breath I... I did not understand what was happening. We rushed her to the hospital, and the results knocked the breath out of us!” – Renu.
The blood tests revealed the platelet counts had come down. She was diagnosed with dengue haemorrhagic fever. With the dengue having made her body weak, her body’s been home to bacterial infections and she’s also been diagnosed with an acute case of bronchopneumonia.

“She’s so scared of the oxygen-mask! How can she bear the pain of two deadly diseases taking a toll on her? When the nurses come to inject the medication, I stay rooted to the ground and weep. When they prick the needles on her soft skin, even before she yelps, I begin crying at the unfairness. She who once loved people, now screams when anyone but me comes near her. I just want to take her away from all this, and keep her pain-free. “– Renu.

With a prolonged stay in the PICU, she has a good chance of survival

It has been 11 days since Baby Mannat’s treatment began, and her health has improved considerably. While the dengue has subsided, because her respiratory system has been severely damaged, baby Mannat is still on Life-support. With 3-4 more weeks of treatment in the PICU, she might be able to recover completely, and go back home. But they can't afford the cost

I am just a school-van driver, how will I...

Driving a mini-van to drop kids and pick them up from school, Sonu earns Rs. 9,000 a month. While the income was more than enough for their daily life, it isn’t helping them with the hospital expenses.

“I have borrowed money from people I know and have managed so far. Without returning that, I can’t ask them for more. It is killing us that she’s even going through it; and if something were to happen to her, because we did not have the money, we’d never forgive ourselves. Please help us take our little girl back home!” – Sonu.

 Baby Mannat has suffered enough over the few weeks and her parents are yearning to take her home, they need 3-4 lakhs to save her but they can't afford it without your help.Your contribution will help them.
Patient Baby Mannat is 11 months old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated by Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma in Swastik Multi Speciality Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving PICU Care treatment for Broncho-pneumonia

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