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When She Saw A Father Selling His Own Daughter, She Vowed To Spend Her Life Protecting Children

Our organization runs a day-care center. One day, we noticed that a girl who regularly attended the center was nowhere to be found. We immediately began to inquire about her whereabouts, only to uncover a horrifying truth: the girl's own father had sold her. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. How could a parent betray their own flesh and blood in such a manner? 

I approached the police, and also reached out to the media for assistance, determined to bring attention to the injustice.  As the hours passed, the truth began to unravel. The father eventually confessed to selling his daughter, but by then, she had been taken away from Mumbai. It took us 15 agonizing days to track her down. The thought of a 10-year-old girl being subjected to such cruelty haunted me. Filing an FIR was just the first step. I made sure she was placed in a government hostel after her rescue.

That experience left a permanent mark on my soul. No child should ever have to endure such suffering.

I vowed to do everything in my power to protect them.

As a child, she yearned for a better future

My name is Anuradha, and like many children in rural India, my childhood knew hardship. As a 6 year old, I used to clean houses and wash dishes every day, before and after school. By 13 or 14, the weight of financial difficulties at home forced me to work in a wheat field. The scorching sun, backbreaking labor, and meager pay were harsh realities. But even then, a burning ember of hope flickered within me – a hunger for education, a yearning for a better future.

That ember fueled a lifelong determination

Despite the challenges, I fought my way to getting an education, and that's when I truly understood the power it held. Education became my weapon against poverty, my key to unlocking opportunity. But witnessing countless children like me that were robbed of that chance started a fire in my soul.

In 1999, I founded AVANI Sanstha, an organization dedicated to rescuing these vulnerable children from exploitation and empowering them to reach their full potential. We believe every child deserves a safe and nurturing environment, free from the shackles of child labor, and a quality education that unlocks a brighter future.

Since then, AVANI Sanstha has been a beacon of hope

Through our relentless efforts, we have enabled over 14,230 children to access education and integrate into the educational mainstream. We've rescued over 2,960 children from child labor, providing them not just with education, but with a safe haven, healthcare, and the chance to blossom. We've empowered over 5,600 children, including nomadic migrants and school dropouts, to dream again, providing them with the right to health care and education. We've built schools within brickyards, destroying the very system that exploited these children. 

They have helped so many children, but the journey ahead is still long

There are over 40,000 children in Kolhapur alone trapped in the clutches of child labor. Childhoods devoid of laughter, replaced by the clang of machinery and the sting of exhaustion. A future without opportunity, a life sentence of poverty. This is the reality for far too many children. Our children's home, running on a modest budget of 30 lakh rupees annually, can provide a safe space for 50 children to heal, play, and grow.

Apart from a lack of education, children forced into labour experience other terrible consequences too:

1. Physical exploitation: Child labourers often endure physically demanding tasks, such as heavy lifting, working in hazardous conditions, or enduring long hours without adequate rest.
2. Physical and sexual abuse: These children are at high risk of physical violence and sexual exploitation by employers, supervisors, or even family members. They may face threats, beatings, or even sexual assault, adding to the trauma they already experience. 
3. Emotional trauma: Many of these children face emotional abuse, including verbal harassment, threats, and isolation from family and peers. The stress and anxiety of their situation can have long-lasting effects on their mental well-being.
4. Financial exploitation: Child labourers are frequently paid below minimum wage or not paid at all for their work.
5. Social stigma: Children engaged in labour often face stigma and discrimination from society, leading to social isolation and a lack of support networks. They may also be at risk of being trafficked or forced into other forms of exploitation.

You can make a difference

This crowdfunding campaign is our chance to reach more children. Every donation will be a seed planted in the fertile ground of their potential. By joining our cause, you're giving a child the chance to become a doctor, a teacher, an engineer – someone who breaks the cycle of poverty and contributes to a brighter India.

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