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This Father Has Been Starving For Days To Save His Son’s Life, But He Still Can’t

“When I found out he has Thalassemia, I couldn’t eat, sleep or talk for 4 days. I felt a darkness in my soul and around me. It’s only my wife who got me out of it. She told me that God gave us Atharv and now he will also find a way for us to keep him alive. This gave me hope when I felt I had lost everything." - Ketan, father 

Leaving behind family support, they shifted to another town to ensure easy access to treatment

Ketan and Neeta found out their son, Atharv had Thalassemia when he was 1.5 years old. To keep him healthy, they needed to give him blood transfusions every month. Living in Murud, they shifted their base to Alibag closer to the hospital for their son's treatment.

“It’s been 6 years since we shifted to Alibag so Atharv could get treatment without travelling. This shift also meant that we lost the family support. My wife and I live alone with both our children and have to manage work, school, hospital visits on our own. It’s been very difficult.”

The parents have gone without food on many days to ensure there is enough for medical bills 

Ketan and Nita both water irrigation fields. This is not a steady income as they cannot commit to a job due to their family commitments. Sometimes they take turns while the other is with Atharv in the hospital and a lot of times, they take both their children to the field so they can earn a double wage for that day.

“We almost make Rs 8,000 between my wife and I. I don’t know how we have managed to survive till now. It’s just been Gods grace. We ration food. Nita and I go hungry on many days to ensure our kids have food to eat and we have money for Atharv’s medical bills. I don’t feel bad on days I don’t have food, but days I find it difficult to give my children food is when I feel very broken.

Atharv’s treatment till date has been a big drain for the family. In their meagre income, they couldn’t have managed. So Ketan and Nita have borrowed extensively from friends, family and employers. They have sold their gold to ensure Atharv has been getting steady transfusions for over 6 years, besides taking care of education and living expenses.

Atharv needs a bone marrow transplant to survive

“Atharv needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. In the past few months, he has a chronic bloated stomach. Even oral medication is not working. This is such an expensive operation – 10 lakhs! This is money I cannot dream of having. It will take me years of starving to get it together IF at all. But my heart knows, God will show us a way.”

This is Ketan’s only hope to save his son and keep his family afloat. For a family that has struggled immensely together, your contribution will go a long way for them to see happy and healthy days. Any help from you will help Ketan & Nita a long way.
Patient Atharva Ketan Mhatre is 7 years old, living in Borivali Mumbai
Being treated by Dr. Mamta Mangalni in CTC, PHO and BMT Centre for MCGM, Borivali Mumbai

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Thalassemia Major

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